Thursday, November 28, 2013

Effective envelopes.

Remember when I bought 140 envelopes (on sale at Paper-Source) only to realize that they were enclosure envelopes and didn't actually seal? I should have known when the girl at the check-out asked what I planned to use as my outer envelopes. I just stared at her and said that these were my outer envelopes. She smiled and said the postage shouldn't be too much more. But wouldn't postage be even more if I had to find a larger envelope for these 5.5"x8.5" ones to fit into?

I wasn't interested in two envelopes; I was interested in making the exaggerated envelope work. I found envelope gum on Amazon, my favorite place of strange things. Two days later, it was mine. I love their fast shipping. Did you hear they're going to start shipping on Sunday? PUMPED.

To make this process a little quicker, I made a template with a scrapped invite insert and an exact knife. 

I'm not the engineer of the family, but look at me now. 

The painting was very easy. I read the reviews on Amazon, one of which suggested that I wet the brush to make the gum last longer. I think it also helped the gum to spread on the envelope more easily and more evenly- that stuff is thick, like sticky, heavy waffle batter. 

I was able to use one bottle of gum (and still have some left) on roughly 220 envelopes. At $7 a bottle, I'm still coming out at roughly $0.72/envelope. That's winning. And enough to rationalize the extra postage. 

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