Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Dough Dip.

Hello, there, how are things? It's been quite a while since you've seen me outside of the weekly picture-a-day posts that I've kept myself to when everything else fell to the wayside. I would like to say that I'm getting back to a normal schedule, but it's fall and that means pumpkin spice lattes busy season.  Also, pumpkin spice lattes, which support me in busy season.  I'll do my best, though. 

I work with a health freak. She snacks on kale. Straight-up kale. I try to eat healthy, but the closest I can get to snacking on leafy greens is celery wrapped in peanut butter. I'm okay with that. For the past month, though, she's been raving about this cookie dough dip made with chickpeas. I was mildly interested, but while she gloated about the healthy dip and it's lack of salmonella, I was just considering how the fear of salmonella has never kept me from dipping in the cookie dough.  I hope I didn't just give myself bad karma. 

After a trip to Trader Joe's in which I bought everything named butter (peanut butter, almond butter, and cookie butter), I had enough nut butters to last an apocalypse and needed an outlet. Turns out that the chickpea cookie dough also called for nut butter. 

I used this recipe, almond butter as my nut butter of choice, brown sugar as my sugar, and only a splash of milk at the very end (instead of the recipe requirement during the mixing stage).  Also note that 1.5 cup of chickpeas is a can of chickpeas.

I was concerned that the very full food processor wouldn't mix everything at first, but slowly, everything started to turn, chop, and mix.

After a couple minutes of grinding and the dough not looking much more appetizing, I was a bit concerned about the motor of the processor and the final result, so I added a splash of milk to help with the mixing and to thin out the dough. It helped.

After the milk was fully incorporated, I spooned the dough into a container and mixed in chocolate chips. The smell of chickpeas was still in the kitchen, which isn't the most pleasant smell, and I couldn't separate that from my first taste. It was good, very good, but it wasn't the buttery, sugary dough ready for the oven, and I knew that the slight differential was the chickpeas.

I sealed it up for the fridge. The next day, I took it out, rationed myself a few graham crackers, and the result was much different. The dough dip was fantastic. The chickpeas taste wasn't there. 

I was breaking off pieces of graham cracker so I could scoop up more rounds. 

I was really skeptical, and I'm still unsure how this combination works, but I think I found a healthier replacement to my guilty pleasure stock. It can only be a good thing. 


  1. Ah! Chocolate Covered Katie is where I get my chickpea-cookie bar dessert from! Awesome website. I've been wanting to try this one, but haven't had occasion to yet.

    1. It's gooood. I would give it a day in the fridge- it's too "fresh" right after mixing. A day after, it's delicious. I think it's a big smell thing for me too, though.


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