Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Crunch in Cinnamon Toast.

I know the cereal title would have flowed better, but I'm afraid and too lazy to look up copyright laws. 

I wanted to make another reference to OK GO because I can't say cinnamon without a stutter, thanks to them, but apparently my love for cinnamon knows more than one recipe and I've used that recipe on these delicious pancakes. I suggest you take a break from you day and watch the video because it's hilarious and another great example of their hilarious choreography.

So lack of references and allusions aside, I've eaten a lot of toast in the last week (read: strange stomach bug) and thus was looking for some toast variety. I wasn't actively looking, but I was mindlessly clicking through Pinterest when I found an alternative to my usual buttered toast with a sugar and cinnamon sprinkling. Which I didn't consider to be lacking. Turns out, it was a little sub-par, and this will rock your world, Mum. The recipe looks high maintenance, but it's honestly worth it. I don't say that about many things other than frosting. 


Start with a stick of softened butter. I zapped it in the microwave for 15 seconds. Bonus points for an unintended reflection in the bowl.

Slash up the butter a bit with a fork. I apparently forgot to take a picture of this, but I trust you can make slits in butter with a fork. Add in a half cup of sugar and three teaspoons of cinnamon. If you're not a bit advocate of the spice (too many attempts at The Doctors weight loss recipe that made me want to die, I suspect), you can take it down a teaspoon.

See, you can catch a glimpse of the fork slashing under that sugar and cinnamon if you were nervous. Add in two teaspoons of vanilla.

Mix it all up with your fork.

Spread the mixture all the way to the edges of your bread. I used whole wheat because I think that makes it healthier.

Bake the toast at 350 degrees for ten minutes. This is when having a toaster oven, even a dirty one at that, comes in handy. I can see myself avoiding this if I only had an oven but only wanted to make a few slices. After the ten minutes at 350, flip on the broiler for about a minute, carefully watching to make sure they don't burn.

The result? Beautiful, crunchy, caramelized cinnamon toast. The flavors and topping bake into the bread, meaning you won't lose any taste that might otherwise roll off when it's just sprinkled on there.

The only downside I foresee here is that my carb intake might severely increase. I already require toast with my eggs on the weekends (and a weekend without eggs is a very poor weekend indeed), and now I might need this dessert toast. There could be worse problems, though. I could be out of bread.

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