Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Moving on up.

That title should really be reserved for my move to Ohio, because that move will literally be north of my current lodgings, but I probably won't blog about that because I'll be in a busy-season coma and using all of these same methods here. So instead I'll probably just repost this. JK, I'll try not to be so lazy. That stands for just kidding, Mum. I'll caveat that I only write in text speak on here when I would actually use the abbreviation in real life.

Moving isn't the most wonderful experience in the world, but I wouldn't say that I hate it as much as I perceive most people to hate it. I actually enjoy the opportunity to go through every one of my possessions in critical detail, purging what I haven't seen in a year and reminiscing over what I have collected. There's a bit of guilt that accompanies the debate over where and if to save every birthday card, but that comes with the territory of being a persistent purger. That's an unofficial term for being the opposite of a pack rat.

The part that I do hate is the living in boxes. In the past month, I know I've bought things that I already had but couldn't find in boxes somewhere across three states. With most of the stuff, it's probably not too bad because I'll use it. That doesn't really lessen the little ping of guilt, knowing that the money would've been better kept in the house or wedding savings fund.

With that, I have some tips. 

1. Pack by room/activity/area/whatever. I try not to mix my bedroom with my bathroom stuff so that before and after I move, the box can have a dedicated resting place. Before, this means that my bathroom is packed in boxes, but the boxes reside outside the door and open so I can rifle through them when the one hair tie I've been wearing on my wrist breaks and I need to find another. 

2. Purge when possible. Packing gives the opportunity for critical appraisal like nothing else. Well, if you're dedicated to spring cleaning, that might be an opportunity, too. If you're not ready to part with it before the move but think the end is near, pack it in a separate box. I do this, then think about it for a while, and if I realize I can live without it, the end is imminent. For me, this normally means it gets a second life with my sisters.

3. Label your boxes. I take a post-it note and scratch down what's inside. I don't detail every item, but list the things I'll be looking for later: spatulas, soap, cups. Use a piece of clear packing tape to seal the note to the box and make sure it survives the move, and you'll thank yourself later when you can prioritize the unpacking, which is the worst.

4. Pack your clothes in garbage bags. Two weeks before my move, I separated my closet into clothes to pack and clothes to wear for the next two weeks. I divided the packing clothes into manageable groups and used extra large trash bags to wrap them up.

I wasn't confident on the bag's ability to stay together, so I used a bit of scrap twine to loop through the handles and outer hangers. I then wrapped it around all of the hanger hooks. This method would wonderfully. These groups stayed together perfectly, while the groupings without twine required me to wrestle the clothes into order and eventually meant that everything was stuffed into the garbage bag that was meant to keep them orderly.

Those are the four rules I follow. I'm sure there are more, and I'd be happy to hear them - I have two more moves this year! As I still cannot find my tumblers with straws, there must be some way I can pack a little better.

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