Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Shoe distractions.

I'm planning a wedding. As much as I would love to tell you that my eyes are shaped in hearts as I try to perfect every minute detail, the reality is that I cry more than I smile a toothy smile right now. It might be that paired with house hunting, there is no better, less stressful distraction. I have to be on my grind with both, and neither is very rewarding right now. No one has a shortage of opinions on what we should do in either situation, but there are a shortage of houses and funds to make everything possible. I'm not complaining. I'm incredibly grateful to be in this situation, I'm happy to be in this situation, and know that I'll be ecstatic to be through this in a year. As a people-pleaser, and as I am marrying a people-pleaser, the pressure is monumental sometimes. 

I knew this was coming. I'm not the first of my friends to be married, and I've been told by more than one to just elope. I would love to do that. However, I would want my immediate family at my wedding, and if I eloped, I would want to pay for them to get wherever we'd be going. They are my life and the reason I am who I am. This is getting mushy. See also: shortage of funds.

I'm shoe shopping instead. I love shoes. I believe in the instant toning and butt-firming abilities of a good heel.

Sources: Badgley Mischka and Nina

I'm in love with the Badgley Mischka. Duh. I'm not in love with the price. I also have a very serious concern in the form of a steep hill I have to gracefully descent en route to the altar. As grace is not my middle name, nor is it a trait of my dad's, there is a serious risk for sprained ankles and mass chaos. I wouldn't want my fancy heels digging into the ground, either.

I looked into some wedges, as the extra ground coverage helps ease the slope concerns but the heel still provides the height and toning benefits. Does anyone make a cute navy wedge? Must they all be so casual? 

I've become painfully aware at how unskilled I am at shoe shopping in this process, too. Where do people buy nice shoes? I'm very intrigued by Zappos with their quick shipping and great customer service. I've had luck at Marshall's, but I'm almost a complete online-shopping convert that venturing out to find a Marshall's doesn't sound appealing. 

What do you think? Are you able to rationalize expensive shoes for an irreplicable day? Do you have any tips for house hunting, wedding planning, or shoe shopping?


  1. Will your shoes actually be visible with your dress? If not, I wouldn't waste the money on super pricey shoes. More likely than not, you're going to kick them off at the reception anyway at some point!

    And I totally sympathize with your crying/stressing. As far as trying to please everyone, you just have to nod and smile and then do whatever the hell you want to :)

    1. You're right. I really don't confine my feet to shoes for very long.

      Thank you :) Be my therapist?

    2. Bahaha- call any time! I'll give questionable advice FOR FREE. And be outraged on your behalf at all times. It's what I do.


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