Thursday, July 4, 2013

Amsterdam & 1 year.

Happy July 4th, everyone! I hope you're celebrating the day with cook-outs, watermelon, friends, family, and fireworks. Be safe!

Yesterday marked my one-year anniversary with Zach. Mind you, this is the one-year mark after we reconnected and started dating again. Cumulatively, it's been about eight years. However, we reset the anniversary date because the last breakup was significant. Moving on.

We said we weren't doing gifts because we're in the midst of house hunting and wedding planning (and losing $$$$), but Zachles cannot be trusted and was not committing to the no-gift policy. Well then

I'd been looking for prints of Amsterdam, the city where we got engaged, for a few months. Specifically, since we got engaged.  Etsy and eBay proved to be dishearteningly slim in their selections. Most of the maps were old prints with ink so thick that it was difficult to make out which was was up and where the canals looped. That's half false - I did spy this exact Rifle Paper Co. print that I ended up purchasing of the city on eBay first. However, it was under bidding and going for over $100. Not my style.

I kept searching the web for variations on the "Amsterdam city prints" phrase (which is surprisingly difficult) until I happened upon the Amsterdam print on the Rifle Paper Co. site. I guess it should be mentioned that the first print I saw on eBay was taken from a calendar, in which this print of Amsterdam represented a month. The calendar was discontinued by the time I was in the market for the print. I was all sorts of confused, because obviously I had been checking the site after the eBay shenanigans. Then, remembering the eBay shenanigans, and seeing that the price was $40, I jumped on it as if it might be gone in a blink.

I bought a frame on Amazon, because I'm a sucker for Prime, and it was done. I love the whimsical details of the map, and that it features many of the places we explored on our whirlwind trip: Vondelpark, Anne Frank House, Van Gogh Museum, and Dam, to name a few. It's hard to say if the widest bridge in the city is on there, but there is a bridge drawn in, and it is on the correct side. We'll call it fate.

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