Thursday, June 13, 2013

Pack it up, pack it in.

Every time's a good time for a House of Pain reference. 

As I gradually pack for my two moves this year, the first coming in a few weeks, I've been trying to organize and sort everything I've gathered in the past two years of not moving. It's like these two moves are to make up for my celebration of a lack of move last year. Karma. Anyway, the goal is to make it as seamless as possible, or as close to that as I can get with boxes and possessions in storage across three states. 

The closet is under specific scrutiny and my fix victim was my ribbon hanger.

I originally got the idea from Pinterest. Take a pants hanger and use it to stock your spools of ribbon. This was a revelation made in my early days of Pinterest, when every pin made me scream YES! THAT'S SO SMART. My enthusiasm was that strong. Now, most intimidate me. That's neither here, nor there.

It turns out that the ribbon spools on the pants hanger was not a smart idea. Rather, ribbon spools on a hanger in my closet might not have been a smart idea, because the ribbons twisted and twirled around my clothes. The real solution would be a craft room, but that's an out-of-reach luxury in DC.  I also had the unfortunate luck of buying ribbon spools without an actual spool piece on each side, so the ribbons wobbled.

I had initially thrown the ribbons in a bag and resigned myself to a life of ribbons stored in a bag. Okay, maybe that's a little dramatic. Pinterest, the sneaky site that it is, came in to save me when I didn't know I needed saving and presented this: the ribbon box.

The pin doesn't link to anywhere useful, but the concept is clear. 

I set off to make a box to hold it all. By make a box, I mean that I used a shoebox.

Even the size 11 box couldn't fit my small array of ribbon.

I used an exacto knife to carefully cut some holes along the side. 

I fed the ribbon through the holes, but realized it wasn't right.  The holes were too big and the ribbon still wobbled. It was more manageable, because it twisted back into the box instead of around my closet, but still. That wasn't the goal.  I had planned to recover the box, but scrapped it when it failed. So that bottom box of the Pinterest pin is a hoax. Truth hurts.

I retried with a bigger shoebox. This one had sold shoes, not just sandals. I started by spraying the sides with spray adhesive and using leftover curtain linen to smooth around the sides.  I finished the present-wrapping method by hot gluing the fabric on the inside of the box.

It turned out quite nice, if I do say so myself. I may have just tried this out in different sparse displays in my house because I packed every knick knacky thing up.

I then measured out where I wanted my holes. I chose to space them 3/4" apart, so I went along the box and marked the spots in pen.

I had originally planned on punching the holes where I marked the pens, but my eyelet-puncher/hole-puncher only has two depths, so I deferred to the 3/16" setting. The pen marks did help line up my punches, though, so it wasn't a total lost cause.

Using the eyelet punch piece, I then went down the line of holes and popped in the eyelets. It was super easy - I pushed the eyelet through then used the punch to flatten their posts and secure them in place.

Just like that, my ribbon was moving in and staying put. 

The mistaken bonus is that the lid slides down over the eyelets, holding the ribbon tails in place. It also means that if my need for hoards of ribbon ever dies, I can re-purpose the box and not have to worry about the strange sight lines that a row of eyelets on one side.

Man, I should've made this box eons ago. I'm a bit disappointed in myself, and I packed away all my little decorations so I can't even style this guy up on my desk. Karma.

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