Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Keyed in.

We've been house hunting for three months. It doesn't sound long at all, but I can assure you that it could just as easily be six months or a year - anything over a month feels long, drawn-out, and fairly hopeless. 

Sorry to start as such a downer. I'm really feeling that way though. To put it in perspective, I have friends that have had to fight for a house - battle it out in the bidding, know when to walk away, have a house taken from them, and then win it back. I'm so thankful I haven't had to go through that, and hopeful that I'll never know those struggles.

I'm trying to transition and it's just not happening. 

I've had a home-themed craft on my mind since my trip to England. While on Portobello Road perusing the antiques, I bargained for a bunch of keys. I say bargained, but really I was building up the courage to bargain for a sold half hour that I think the man just wanted me to move on. It's weird - I was a champion purse haggler in NYC in high school, but those British accents took all the gusto out of me.

This project is incredibly easy. I gather a frame I had on hand, which looks like it's from Ikea, some neutral fabric (which is still from my former curtains), a hot glue gun, and a key (if you're trying to recreate this exactly).

You might also need some cardboard. I realized that my backing wasn't thick enough to support my key and fill the frame. I just as easily traced a piece of cardboard and cut it to size with an exacto knife.

Then I wrapped the cardboard in the linen fabric, making sure that the lines within the fabric were straight. I then eyeballed the center for the key and dotted the back of the key with hot glue.

I like the little boost that the glue gives the key, allowing it to have a three-dimensional effect. For now, I'm hoping it'll be a good luck charm for a home.

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