Thursday, May 2, 2013

Treasures: Amsterdam shopping edition.

Since we're talking Amsterdam, or rather, this happened in Amsterdam and I'm still bobbing about and trying to wrap up all my travel posts, I promise it'll stop soon - hang in there, and remember that it's Oreo's 100th birthday if you need a snack. 

I love shopping in Amsterdam because I love that shade of blue that they use in their Dutch pottery. I'm obsessed with it. In one shop, I found crates of the stuff on various ornaments. I was literally wiggling with excitement.


I gathered probably five ornaments before reason kicked in: my still imaginary tree would look a little silly if it was 90% one type of ornament and then the plastic yellow submarine. I then made Zach create a pro/con list with for each item. Shopping with me is so much fun.

I knew I needed this wonky house because I am in love with the uniqueness of the Amsterdam architecture. I love that they lean, I love that they're not all straight, and I love that they're different sizes all squished in a line. It's a fairy tale.

I rationalized this bulb because I love stars. That always comes off cliche, as if I have a star tattoo on my lower back, but I have genuinely liked stars since before I knew it was cliche. I hand-painted my entire ceiling growing up in them, mixing in shapes in my own sort of constellations. I'll get that up here one day. So these star cutouts were totally my jam.

These little wooden Dutch shoes were free. FREE. All hail the Pancake! Amsterdam restaurant. Amsterdam still might need an entire post devoted to food.

Speaking of stars, I love Van Gogh. We share the same birthday (March 30, holllaaa) and I think that his Starry Night subconsciously, somehow, shaped my love of stars. I believe in weird birthday-matching fates like that. However, I did not see Starry Night, or some of my other favorite night-time scene paintings, when we went to the Van Gogh exhibit (the museum was closed for renovations). Even more strange, the gift shop didn't have any starry paraphernalia, not that I would've bought any of it because I have a strict policy against alluding to something that you did not see or do. That sentence is sounding way weirder than I want it to, but I've rewritten it to many times. I just wanted to pet the starry night souvenirs. I also want to understand how I'm supposed to open this sunflower keychain, but alas. 

Last, and certainly not least, is a soon-to-be-ornament to cue the collective 'aaawwwweeee.'

To commemorate our engagement, we picked up the iconic kissing Dutch children at the airport just before we left. I'm a little torn here - I want it to be an ornament, but the only obvious place to loop a ribbon is over the kiss. Do I hot glue the ribbon on the backs? I can't see myself setting this up as a year-round decoration (it's quite small and I'm not a fan of the Holland emblazoned on the bottom - but our only option was the airport and I wanted something while we were still in the same country as our engagement). Suggestions?

Now I want to find my Christmas box and pull these all out to pet all over again.  


  1. Love the Dutch blue color, and love shopping in Amsterdam. Has to be one of my favorite cities!


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