Monday, April 29, 2013

Picture This: Week 17.

I started a picture-a-day project this year. My intent is to try and appreciate every day, the good and the bad. That, and it's a fun way to see the year compiled into a bunch of snapshots. I'm posting weekly recaps of the past seven days. It's a fun way to recap the week and to keep me motivated to try new things and live it up every day. It's rarely ground-breaking, but I couldn't handle that anyway. Does anyone else do this? I'd love for you to share! You can start anytime, too - a new year doesn't have to start on January 1. I'd love to nose around your life and live vicariously. In the least creepy way possible. And PS - my sister does this as well, and is in the process of updating her blog. Check out my past weeks through the "picture-a-day" topic link on the right.

April 22, 2013

A stressful day at work + stressful future talks = no chance for the thin mints.

April 23, 2013

It had been so long since my roommate and I just hung out, but the fates aligned for a spontaneous movie night on Tuesday. We watched The Bachelorette and were cackling.

April 24, 2013

Wednesdays are kazaxe days, also known as an exhausting workout rave.

April 25, 2013

Matchbox has the coolest favors for the pyro-obsessed. I grabbed another on the way out.

April 26, 2013

I took a literal pitstop in Pittsburgh on my way to further house hunting in Cleveland. I was gathering items and doing some chores to help Mum when I found Copper's tail mysteriously twitching out of the top of the garbage/cat food cupboard. He didn't jump out when I called him; rather, he was trying to pull the catnip bag out of the back. The ring leader was at it again. 

April 27, 2013

Zach and I went to dinner with his college roommate in their college town of Kent Saturday. It was a beautiful day, so we walked around, taking in all of the changes and reminiscing about nights on the town. None of that really relates to this bike, though. It's covered in crochet. Wouldn't your hands get hot?

April 28, 2013

Sunday FaceTime with one of the furry nephews, who is confused with his species type as he continues to steal the cat's toys. So far he's absconded the scratching post (which he likes to drag around like an ox), a ball of yarn (that he chases like a cat), and this plastic tube with a ball stuck inside (that he bounces on and carries around, like above).

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