Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Treasures: Venetian Murano Glass.

I've been to Italy once, but it was love at first sight upon landing. I threw my penny in the Trevi fountain, though, so never fear - I'll be back. Mwahaha.

My sisters were the first to visit Italy, and they bought me a beautiful glass teardrop Murano necklace. I'm quite the novice on statement jewelry, though, so the quest for the perfect outfit with which to wear it continues to intimidate me years later. I still love it because like my other treasures (which I've shared here and am due to share on Poland later this week), the piece is unique and it has a story. Murano glass is only made in Italy, specifically on the island of Murano, just off the coast of Venice. Every piece is handcrafted, so every piece is unique and rich in history. You can read up on it more here. I covet these pieces.

The more I work on making my home my home, the more I focus obsess over items having a purpose, a story, and a meaning. I'm not saying that a novel accompanies every piece, but I want my space to be interesting and to spark conversation. I want my most frequent guests to find something new every time, and I don't want it to be a new dust bunny. This is how I further rationalize my travel purchases, and how I can motivate myself to keep saving for an upcoming trip when shop windows try to persuade me that I need another sweater.

These faceted vases on sale on YourMurano.com are on my dream board. In addition to boards on Pinterest, I also have boards in my head.

I'm picturing them with a few simple grasses or sticks in a reed diffuser deal. Of course, they're quite stunning standing on their own.

I'm a sucker for the sleekness and subtle zebra print on this vase. It's got a quiet style that's demanding without screaming. The height is a nice change from the numerous short, squat vases out there.

And then there are trays. I'm a sucker for trays. Do you see a trend? They're just perfect and ensure that everything has a home. They make the most mundane, routine items look a little more stylish. It's no longer chapstick and keys on a table, it's chapstick and keys on an awesome tray on a table. It should help to keep track of the chapstick, too. I'm thinking I need a chapstick tray.

Find these pretties here and here.

These guys are pricey, but a girl can dream and stalk sales. There are lots of options over at YourMurano, ranging from jewelry to light fixtures, that can be layered into your home and life without breaking the bank. I love that there's no way to go wrong - each piece is exotic, so ingrained in the Italian culture, and assured to be a special focal point. It'll be a part of your legacy.

This post was sponsored by YourMurano.com. The opinions presented above are completely my own.  

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