Friday, March 1, 2013

Another day, another day I want to set fire to something.

Alright, that might be a bit dramatic. But do you see my fonts going all wonky between posts? I'm trying. I've taken apart code, rewrote it, held my breath, previewed it, cheered, and then posted. HA HA. We wanna be wonky, the font says. Close, but no cigar, it taunts. Sucka.

Again, maybe a little dramatic for something inanimate.

So really - help? Have you ever had this problem? Were you able to fix it? Has Blogger gone rogue on you? Can you help me conquer it?!

I wanted to like Friday more than this!  

Update: All good in the hood. I fixed it. I realized my cry for help above wasn't descriptive, in that process. So here's what happened, and hopefully it'll help you, though I wouldn't wish this on anyone.

The fonts of my posts weren't matching. I posted on Wednesday with the Pinterest Challenge and everything was cool. My usual Tuesday/Thursday posts are set to post automatically. They're usually finalized the night before, then scheduled, because at 10 AM when they're on the interwebs, I'm not always there to hit the button. I check on them at some point during the day, though. So I checked on my second Poland post yesterday, and the font was smaller than usual and smaller than my Pinterest post. I was already tense because weird things were happening to the format of my links earlier this week, but I didn't freak right then. I went into the post editor, copied my text, resized it, previewed the post, and hit the 'that was easy' button. Except without the button. I updated the post, refreshed my browser, and nothing happened. What the? I just changed that? So I did it again. I restarted my computer and did it again. I'm at three times, for the record. Then I went into the html editor. I noticed all the font sizes were set to small, so I did a find function and changed them all to normal. I was sure that was my solution. I updated, refreshed, and now the post had giant letters. Decidely not normal.

I shut my computer down that night and decided that Blogger was having an off night.

I woke up this morning to the same deal. WHAT THE WHAT. I redid the html code again this morning, outside of Blogger. Nothing. I tried removing different pieces of code that I didn't see in other normal posts. I got a lot of <span/> errors. Nada. 

So I let a candle on fire and played with the melted wax. I baked cookies. I ate almost an entire skinny block of cheese. And I deleted the post and rewrote it in Blogger. That fixed it.

Turns out, when you write a post in Word and then copy it to blogger, it gets mad. I was already convinced that Microsoft Word is the devil, so this further solidifies my case. I had all of these extra "<div class="MsoNormal">" wonky bits in the html of my post, and wasn't successful as pulling them all out and closing everything. 

Moral of the story - don't trust a ho Word. 

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