Thursday, February 7, 2013

Where in the world.

I've alluded to it, but since there will be a multitude of posts while it's happening, I'll say it - I'm in Europe. I'm taking a sabbatical from work and using the time to take advantage of the opportunity to travel, live with Dad, visit some friends with awesome foreign residences, and live my dream of studying abroad, without the studying.

Don't go thinking you can rob my apartment, though. To start, people are living there. Secondly, I took everything of value to me out and spread it around the country. Literally.  So when I return, I'll scavenge around like a little field mouse collecting my treasures. Or like Templeton, collecting his Cheerios. World, meet Steph's boyfriend, PJ's, pet rat, Templeton. He was surprising much less creepy in real life.

But what does this mean blog-wise? Less crafty-craft, more chatty-chat. I haven't actually crafted in a while, though. Less decor hoarding. I fit my life into a 30 pound suitcase for the next several weeks, a feat I'm quite proud of, and I don't have much room to jump on every shiny trinket or ceramic animal. A strict exception to that rule applies to any ceramic elephant I may see. I'll be posting more trip updates with the occasional cooking or baking tutorial as I try to learn these essential skills. Dad also refers to my sabbatical as housewife training, a title I am actively fighting.

Otherwise, you'll be seeing more updates from my travels. I've been to Kentucky, which is in America, you're correct, I just haven't blogged about it yet, and I'll be traveling to Copenhagen, Denmark, Malmo, Sweden, Krakow, Poland, Paris, France, and Amsterdam, Netherlands, and other castles and mischief in between and around Derby, England. So if that's your jam, you'll love the next two or more months as I catch up on pictures. I'll try to keep it as current as possible. Travel suggestions welcome, too!

Get excited! I know I am!

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