Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Under the Sea.

Last week, I shared my Nate Berkus bobbles and their set-up on my desk. You can check out their saga here, but here's a quick picture to save you the jump. The gold little urchin is sadly not represented her, but know that he's safely in the bathroom, enjoying the closest environment that I can offer to the sea. I owe you an update on the desk, too.

A couple weekends ago, I was on the hunt for snow boots. I've been able to pass without them for a few years since DC is usually just cold and dry, but this winter has started a bit different, I was struggling to shovel my parent's driveway in four inches of snow, and I'll be traveling to Sweden soon. After a coupon showed up in my email, I thought I'd try Kohl's first. I had no luck in the boots department, but while Zach was browsing, I snuck away to the decoration department. There was this little owl I'd been considering and passed on multiple times, and I didn't find him, but I did find a whale and some coral.

I scooped up my new friends and bobbed over to Zach making whale noises and speaking whale, a la Finding Nemo. Fun fact: I was obsessed with whales when I was younger. I really liked killer whales, watched Free Willy to the point of memorization, and wore the tribal whale Free Willy necklace. All this culminated in an adoption package of a killer whale named Granny. It was my dream to meet Granny, which I now realize is virtually impossible as she's swimming in the Pacific Ocean.

I laid out my love for urchins last week, and coral doesn't fall far from that category. I love coral, I love snorkeling, and I want it. I was on a search for it the entire time I was in St. Croix, though I was restricting myself to taking a washed-up piece from the beach as a souvenir. I left with one piece, which I later used in Kay's shadowbox. Like the urchins, my lust is fulfilled with a fake, and it should keep my manic obsession at bay.

A little rearranging ensued with the new addition of the whale (we're still working on a name) and coral. I tried a few different layouts in the bathroom before deciding that the vase and flowers didn't work there anymore. They're since been relocated to my dresser. Now that I'm looking at these pictures, though, I'm thinking I should try the whale on the back of the tank. Maybe on a tray? I love trays. Nate Berkus has trays at Target, too.

The white urchin was displaced to the tray on my trunk and the coral swiped his spot. The coral isn't a shiny white, so it adds a different texture to the shiny desk top, shiny Aries, shiny gold vase, and shiny pictures. Again, the desk update from a white parsons to this hatched top is coming.

So the official ceramic animal count is up to five at this point, and I'm counting the fake coral as an animal. The ceramic animal with eyes count is at two. I probably need to add to that if these guys are to ever effectively organize. Any suggestions?

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