Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sweden: Malmö and Lund.

My friend Ladaea currently lives in Sweden. After hearing about their healthcare, vacation days, and general philosophy on life (to enjoy life first, to complete work second), color me jealous. After a double busy season, I am thinking we really have it backwards in the States. Though after the visit, I could do without the winter. I always wanted to visit Sweden and haven't seen her in about four years, and knowing I was going to take full advantage of my sabbatical, it was the perfect set-up to fly directly to her, tour around, catch up, meet her husband, and see Scandinavia. I'm splitting the details of this into two posts - one today, one Tuesday. We'll start with Sweden here, Denmark there.


We started with some Swedish coffee and a trip along the coast. In the distance is the Øresund Bridge, which connects Malmö and Copenhagen. 

On the coast is the Turning Torso, an iconic Malmö building, and their only skyscraper, if I'm correct.

I'm obsessive about absorbing the culture and city, so I'm including the view from Adam and Ladaea's apartment in the city. They live in a nice part of the city. I feel like you can learn much about life from the picture; the buildings, the cars, the style of living. Suburbs aren't common.

The Swedes are obsessed with candy, which I never knew. Adam filled a bag with different gummies, shaped like eggs, cherries, and teeth, which is strange enough, but then I learned that the Swedes are obsessed with black licorice, and love it salted at that. It was punishment.

We spent a day walking around the city, ducking into shops that offered homegoods so uniquely Swedish, and of which I'll dedicate an entire post later, and taking in the nice weather. I had my first fika this day, too.

The architecture is unlike any place I've previously visited, but my previous travels have all been to Europe of which the architectural influences are muddled amongst themselves due to their proximity.


Upon writing this, I'm realizing I didn't take many pictures in Lund. Just outside of Malmö, Lund is a very old town with the oldest Scandinavian university and one of the most prestigious European and international universities of the same name. Ladaea works and is a student here, so she toured us around. 

The church, from the eleventh century, has an astronomical clock inside from the fifteenth century. There was a mass in progress during our visit so I can't share a picture of the inside. The church was beautiful, as so many of these ancient churches are, and the astronomical clock was massive. I'm now obsessing over how a functional clock capable of depicting astronomy was manufactured before batteries. Answers welcome.

We then toured a representative historical Swedish town with the most eclectic mix of old houses, reminiscent of Little House on the Prairie, a beautiful wooden church, and the creepiest children-oriented exhibits.

But oh, Sweden, I now love you. I also love you, grumpy cat Sampson, and Adam and Ladaea for taking me in, guiding me around, introducing me to Sweden and Scandinavia and the best drinking water - ever, and just being awesome, honestly. You guys are the best.

I'm tossing in an obligatory picture of us, too, as this is the only quite subpar one that we took. I cropped it weird because really, how cool is that light, too? I'm in love with it. This post was a lot of babble, but a picture's worth a thousand words, right? I know I'm missing a bunch of fun factoids, too, but there's risk that this post could never be published out of that fear, so I'll forge ahead and be over anxious to answer questions.

Up next - adventures in Denmark and shopping in Sweden!


  1. Come baaaaack next summer! We had so much fun. We would have even more fun in the summer. So, yes.

    Also, that photo...sheesh.

    Love you!

    1. Pencil me in!

      And yes. I've debated total destruction of that, but then it is the only one. Now, it'll stand as a lesson to myself that I should shower regularly.

      Love you and miss you!


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