Monday, February 4, 2013

Picture This: Week 5.

I started a picture-a-day project this year. My intent is to try and appreciate every day, the good and the bad. That, and it's a fun way to see the year compiled into a bunch of snapshots. I'm posting weekly recaps of the past seven days. It's a fun way to recap the week and to keep me motivated to try new things and live it up every day. It's rarely ground-breaking, but I couldn't handle that anyway. Does anyone else do this? I'd love for you to share! You can start anytime, too - a new year doesn't have to start on January 1. I'd love to nose around your life and live vicariously. In the least creepy way possible. And PS - my sister does this as well, but rarely updates her blog. Check out my past weeks through the "picture-a-day" topic link on the right.  

I was all over the eastern U.S. this week: I started the week in Norfolk, VA, returned back to Washington, DC, drove to Pittsburgh, PA, for less than an hour, Kent, OH, for less than twelve hours, but still enough time for a run to Hobby Lobby, dropped down to Lexington, KY, for the weekend before finally stopping at a Super Bowl party in Strongsville, OH. I need a frequent flier program for cars.

January 28, 2013

I drove down to Norfolk Monday morning. I don't consider myself to be a morning person, so I have no idea why a three hour drive early on Monday was my idea of an option to start the week. Immediately after work, I rolled into my hotel room, shunned my coworkers, painted my nails and watched The Bachelor.

January 29, 2013

After getting flack for being a grumpster on Monday, I joined my coworkers for dinner and drinks. The boys mistakenly wore matching plaid, which we took full advantage of and took every opportunity to make them feel like they were on an uncomfortable first date.

January 30, 2013

I returned to DC on Wednesday and though I should have jumped right into unpacking and repacking, I first played with decoration rearrangements. I work best under pressure, until it becomes too much and I have a mental breakdown instead.

January 31, 2013

Working at the office is always such a party.

February 1, 2013

Friday was a driving day. Not that Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday weren't driving days, but Friday was 5 hours versus their three to four hours.

February 2, 2013
Zach and I were visiting Lexington to visit Steph, who I recently learned doesn't like to be referred to as Stephie, and we braved the snow to hit up some bourbon distilleries. It was a Kentucky snowstorm, which I think is a dirty term, but this was a literal two-inch invisible road ground cover. Thankfully it cleared up so it wasn't all nervous driving, and we visited three distilleries. We're on our way to visiting the entire bourbon trail.

February 3, 2013 

 I really enjoy NFL football and am a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, born and raised. I was actively cheering against the Baltimore Ravens in their Super Bowl quest, but that didn't mean I was on the 49ers bandwagon. Tarder Sauce, aka Grumpy Cat, summed it up best: I [had] hoped both teams [would] lose.

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