Friday, February 22, 2013

Grumpy Cat.

This is an unusual Friday post, but it's important - very important.

The interwebs, that's the Internet for all you modern-day chaps, amuse me. I get lost on buzzfeed for hours. I just mindlessly spent twenty minutes there just now when I typed in the address so as to link it up. These are my confessions.

I play dumb awesome games with my sisters. Currently, we enjoy a good bout of take-embarrassing-pictures-of-each-other-when-the-other's-not-looking-and-text-the-picture-to-them. Get that?

So, for example.  

I took these two pictures of Veronica. Then I combined them on picstitch. Then I texted the picture to Veronica. It meets all of the requirements: 

1) She's not paying attention or looking at the camera, and therefore didn't know the pictures were being taken.
2) She's got a lettuce snaggletooth, so clearly she didn't know this picture was being taken. This is also my crowning accomplishment.
3) I then texted this picture to Veronica.

Then we laugh and pride ourselves in our creepiness.

So when Veronica took a picture of me last week while I was writing a postcard in Poland in which I unintentionally looked like Grumpy Cat, my life. was. made. Seriously. I couldn't do better if I was trying.

Then, Zach mashed them together. And now, the resemblance is undeniable. Mum doesn't understand why I'm so proud.

And then I put it on Instragram because I'm obsessed with that, too.

I really think you should watch Tarder Sauce, aka Grumpy Cat, in her introductory video, too. It's precious and the best way to spend time on a Friday. Have a great weekend!

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