Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Denmark: Helsingør and Copenhagen.

The close proximity of Malmö, Sweden, to Denmark allowed for a sort of two-for-one deal, and we split our time between the two countries pretty evenly. We went up to northern Denmark, to Helsingør, specifically, to visit Kronborg, a castle once home to the royal family, and Denmark has the oldest monarchy, and rumored to be the location of Shakespeare's Hamlet. We did a day of Copenhagen, Denmark's capital city, too. 


We opted to take the ferry across the Øresund Sound and as we approached Denmark, the winds and snow picked up to distort our view of the castle. We braved the cold though to see Kronborg, a world heritage site, and a triple-moated castle.  We also saw some unique art, but I talked about that earlier

 Somehow, we toured the castle for free, and somewhat backwards. We creeped through the crypts and underground tunnels, the stables, the royal apartments, grounds, and the chapel. 

The architecture of the castle was unlike any I'd seen in England and France before. The lines were more rounded, and the roofs varied on the tops of different towers and turrets. 

I don't have nearly enough pictures of this day, mainly because we were too cold to function. In the summer, Hamlet is performed in the courtyard, and I can just imagine how beautiful this place is in the summer. 


After a morning fika, we crossed Øresund Sound a little farther south this time, across the appropriately named Øresund Bridge, to explore Copenhagen for the afternoon. We explored some key tourist spots, starting with Strøget, the longest and one of the oldest pedestrian shopping streets in the world, and ducked into some stores for warmth and exploration.

Legos were created in Denmark. Ladaea and Adam studied the different logos, while a friendly lego dragon hovered overhead. Then we wandered past New Harbor, which is a little reminiscent of New England.

We continued along the water, taking in some awesome old buildings and architecture.

We wandered past the original fortress upon which the original settlement of Copenhagen resided (and it was surrounded by a moat), until finally we found The Little Mermaid on her rock in the harbor.

I've yet to read the original Hans Christian Andersen story, for shame. We then continued our quest for the perfect Danish. I don't know how I didn't take a picture; our treats were delicious. There was a croissant with some sort of rum liquor, a cinnamon bread with icing and sliced almonds, and a chocolate cinnamon roll. Even better, we ordered based on looks, so the taste of each was a surprise. It was the perfect end to the day. We hopped back on the train then, back to Malmö in time for dinner and a tour through Adam's corner of the YouTube universe. Has anyone seen 50 cent's diss on Ja Rule over there? It's hilarious. And I miss Ja Rule of the 90's. 

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