Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Winter cozy.

Happy New Year! I'm still in England, travelling and soaking up as much time with family as possible, but I promise to write about our visit as soon as I'm back, able to upload and sort my pictures, and write. I hope everyone had a very happy new year last night and is ready for 2013!

I never saw much merit in switching out pillows for the seasons. It seemed too easy an excuse for my pillow problem. That, and I really didn't have any place to store them and couldn't merit the purchase price anyway. I have been dreaming of a chevron pillow for a while though, and mixing up the colors in my room a bit. I'm really dreaming of a grey comforter. I want something crisp and neutral, so while I would say white, I know myself too well to trust that I would be able to keep it white. I love the texture of the pintuck duvet, from West Elm on sale about a year and a half ago, but the seams rip easily, I've run out of the exact thread to fix them inconspicuously, and it's starting to look sad on the daily.

That was a tangent. Back to pillows. I had to bust out the sewing machine a couple weeks ago in order to finish another project, which I'll blog about later, but while the machine was out, I snooped around for anything else that I could sew. The sewing machine isn't hard to get out, it sits on the floor of my closet, or difficult to set up, I just have to pull it out of the box, but whenever I get the energy up to pull it out and put it to work, I feel I should take full advantage. That, and I fixed my tension problem with this easy guide (Pinterest, saving the day again), and was feeling vindicated and invincible. In reference to sewing. I know, I know. Party animal.

With spare fabric left over from a stuffed ottoman and living room curtains, I whipped up two darker, moodier pillows to counteract some of the bright in my room (like my recovered stool and the giant daffodil). My room's pretty small, measuring 13 feet x 11 feet, so the bed is less than a step from the desk and it can easily become a maze. Oh, the joys of apartment living.

I had been dreaming of making a shape, a la my elephant pillow, on the chevron using a darker fabric. The leftover paisley of the ottoman worked for that. I've honestly been thinking about this plan for months, but for some reason, I still sewed the pillow, then tried to add the decal. Much to no one's surprise and just my frustration, the heart was difficult to attach when there wasn't much leeway on any side. I wouldn't recommend this method. I would cut the two pieces of the pillow, pin the decal, sew the decal, then flip the pillow inside out, sew the majority of the sides, flip it back out, stuff, and stitch closed.

There's a sneak peek at my desk underneath the machine, too! The heart turned out alright, just was more frustrating in the process.

In the meantime, the flower pillow has been relegated to the trunk. He has some friends in there from the couch and one that's yet to make his debut. The trunk may have encouraged my pillow problem.

Have you noticed the change in bedside tables, too? I went from 12x12 floating Ikea lacks, which in writing this post I realized I never showcased on here or got a decent picture of, but are visible here, to an ottoman on one side and a TV table, a gift from my grandpa, on the other.

I really like the mix of texture and elements, and the increased space. The one square foot wasn't cutting it, so they were transferred to my room at my mum's house, for which they are much better suited to holding a lamp and a pair of glasses overnight. They're still stand-ins for a permanent solution, but for now, it's a welcome change of design and space. 

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