Thursday, January 3, 2013

Shadowbox scrapbook.

Save the dates, wedding invites, baby shower invites, baby announcements. They all have one thing in common: I love them- their design, personal touch, memory, but I don't know what to do with after the date. I keep them for a while, displayed on the fridge, but after a few months and in the age of Facebook and instantaneous updates, they quickly feel outdated. Then I keep them on my desk, on a tray, or otherwise stacked for a few months. Somewhere between eight months and a year, I start to have an identity crisis, wondering if I'm actually a hoarder despite my tendency to go through my closet every four months and deliver an average of three bags to the Salvation Army.

I really make it much more complicated than it needs to be. I worry about not giving enough attention to details so important to the lives of those important to me, though.

When my former college roommate and friend had such a unique wedding, stemming for such a unique life experience, in St. Croix this summer, I felt it was something to commemorate. Apart from my usual vacation hoarding of pictures, ornaments, and other practical, but unique, decor items, I made sure to grab mementos of Kay and Ben's day.

I used their save the date, wedding invite, the champagne cork from wedding day mimosas, and a piece of coral from the island, arranged in a shadowbox backed with an oatmeal-colored fabric and a netting I had from a collection of decor balls from Ikea.

I hope I'm not ruining the surprise, either. So stop looking if you haven't seen this yet, Kay. And erase everything you've read before.

I hope the shadow box will help them think fondly to their wedding day, surrounded by friends and family, on a perfect day in Christiansted. That, or I'm slowly decorating their future half bath in a beach them, with the help of my wedding gift of a wedding day cross-stitch.

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