Thursday, January 10, 2013

Growing gift.

Sorry in advance for a short post. Work has me traveling the week after a two-week holiday in England, so I'm a little behind, still due to post about the time with family in England, and still not really into this waking-up-before-nine thing. 

Mum presented me with this idea, but in the chaos of her closing Dairy Queen for the season and hopping the pond to spend time with Dad and Veronica, I took the project as my own. She was strangely a little upset about this, but acquiesced to my charge and went back to cross-stitching her legacy. That's really what she calls it, and has drawers filled with projects.

Our neighbor growing up, and second family, has two girls that are the equivalent of my older sisters. The oldest of the two and the extended grouping of the five of us girls, Alicia, has a three-year-old and another coming any day (!!!), so Bri, her younger sister, and my other older sister by about three years, made a growth chart out of ribbon to track the boys and other future babies through the years. I never saw it, but loved the idea and Mum was raving about it. That listing was really confusing. In age order, we go Alicia, Brianne, me, Veronica, Stephanie. Alicia and Brianne were my neighbors growing up. Veronica and Stephanie are my younger, but taller, sisters.  I should've been able to explain that without the logic puzzle.

Mum promptly bought approximately 6 yards of three different burlap ribbon spools. That's approximately 6 times the amount of burlap ribbon we'd need to make the three growth charts we considered. So everyone can expect growth charts for the next twenty years. That, or I'm considering an Etsy shop in the spring.

I'm in the process of making three right now and all are in various stages of the process: measuring, hash marking, hemming, name stenciling.

I always feel very vindicated when my ribbon collection proves useful.

I'm debating making a bunch of these, creating an Etsy shop, then personalizing upon order. I've also got a little foot stamper that I might use next to the feet increments and have toyed with the idea of cross-stitching some of the personalization. I've never tried Etsy though, and would not consider myself entirely familiar with it as a shopper, so I'm scared. Anyone have any tips or tricks? Do you think these would be a good product?

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