Thursday, December 20, 2012

Simple Christmas.

Christmas is so busy with buying presents, baking cookies, celebrating with friends, and preparing for the end of the world the new year, that I wanted to keep the wrapping simple this year. I also knew the presents would be doing some traveling, so the intent was to deliver them in one wrapped piece, keeping the corners and contents secret.

I opted for brown packing paper, of which I had plentiful quantities thanks to an Amazon prime addiction and packing supply hoarding tendencies. I picked up a pack of ribbon from Hobby Lobby for $2 to adorn the tops, and I was all set.

Using a bit of metallic cardstock that I swiped from Mum's stash, festive stickers that I picked up in January on major clearance, a glue pen and glitter, I made individual gift tags. These weren't that difficult and any verbiage would complicate what is evident in the pictures, so I'll stop there and defer to my card making posts under the "cards" link in the Tags on the right side of the page.

The presents almost feel a bit vintage, which I'm really liking right now. I'm most excited just to give them though; I'm near my bursting point! I'm that annoying person that's constantly asking if another would like to open their present. I'm always sure the answer will be an emphatic "YES!" and am always sorely disappointed when anyone on the receiving end lays out their rational points about waiting until Christmas Day, finishing present shopping altogether, or otherwise. We're almost there though, and then they can't say no.

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