Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Oh, the weather outside is frightful.

It's frightful in that when it should be in the 40s with maybe a little dusting here or there, it's 65 degrees. I'm really bad with judging the weather, so that means I'm wearing my peacoat because it sounds cold, but the sun's shining and I'm sweating. It's mid-December, and I'm really not finding the DC weather's attitude very amusing anymore. It's time for snow, or at the very least, it's time for a constant temperature below 50 degrees.

I never thought I'd complain about my apartment being 70 degrees when I haven't turned on the heat for weeks.

So in lieu of the weather getting me into the holiday spirit, we must make do with trying to fake it on the inside.

I started as I start all decorating, which is to take down every item of the previous season, pack it away, then move all of the current season's boxes of decor into the living room. While I was doing this, I heard a loud crash in my closet. My ornament wreath had crashed to the floor from the top shelf, leaving me with a wire hanger and a few of the strongest.

I was super bummed. I didn't have the energy to redo it though, so I decided to use the wreath ornaments, along with some other small ones I had on hand, to fill other jars, vases, and clam shells around the apartment.

The gold boxes that I made to cover our router and modem really work with the holiday decor, and one of the Polish star I made last year out of magazines makes them look like presents.

The clam shell swapped its fabric artichokes and twine balls for something a little more festive, too. This picture is horribly blurry. It's the bad lighting, honestly. I tried it with a flash, but then it was washed out, without a flash, then it was dark, and then on the digital setting, and this was the best I could do. Squint a bit; it helps. I made the white tree from wax paper last year, the twine tree just by wrapping twine around a cone, and the gold tree was a flea market find.

So after finding a new home for all the ornaments, I was feeling okay.

I then put up the sweater vases on our counter with another one of the gold trees, and the pinecones on the mantle.

Below the mantle is my basket of cinnamon pinecones with a string of lights intertwined.

I was all tra-la-la-la-la and deck the halls, but something was against me that day. When I was hanging up my Christmas cross-stitch sampler, this one was done by Mum, one of my teardrop vases jumped off the wall, cut my toe, and splattered into a million pieces.

I was done. Well, I ordered a replacement, and then put the kabash on the holiday cheer. The holidays clearly aren't ready for me yet. I should've listened to the weather.


  1. oh my you are like a real person. it scares me since i'm only one year younger than you...

    1. you're baking and listening to patsy cline. i think you're there.

      i think we would've done really well on the prairie.


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