Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Bunking down a trunk.

That title might not make sense. It was making sense in my head, like a trunk bunking at the bottom of my bed. I really don't know if the explanation even makes sense, let alone my attempt at a clever work play. So glaze over that.

While I was home for a weekend a while ago, my sister and I were cleaning the garage in an attempt to fit two cars into the two car garage. That seems semi-ridiculous, but the second garage spot is in a constant state of fluctuation based on the time of year and if my sisters or me are between apartments. As of August, Veronica was moving to England to live with Dad, so the second garage spot was out of commission and could have furnished an entire apartment. Veronica held a garage sale to turn a profit on a majority of her large items, but held the trunk aside for me, as I had been on the hunt for a steamer trunk.

Then I forgot about it, until this weekend. Thankfully, Stephanie is a "doer" and upon seeing the trunk exclaimed, "Do you want this trunk? SOLD! For the low, low price of FREE!" and popped it in my trunk. I don't even think I blinked.

It's not an authentic trunk, but it's pretty and the price was very right. It's in good condition, too, except for a missing lock and a hanging hinge, but that only adds to the charm. The alternatives I was looking at at the weekly Saturday Alexandria farmer's market were starting at $350. I could only gaze at them lovingly while flinching in pain at that price. Free compliments me and my room nicely.

At the end of my bed, it adds a nice platform to catch my mail, which was previously just tossed on the floor.

It also helped to rationalize my purchase of trays, like this white lacquered one I picked up for about $13 at West Elm. Currently, it holds my reindeer, Rhonda, named for my mother when I was young, and Veronica has the male version, appropriately named Rick, a Nate Berkus for Target urchin, which Stephanie generously hunted down in Kentucky after my unsuccessful attempts in Virginia. I learned that the reindeer is actually a relict of Hallmark from the 80's, thanks to pinterest. So maybe if I keep it long enough, I'll make it big, unlike my hopes with Beanie Babies.

Inside I have extra blankets, which are unfortunately not on my bed because it's still so warm, candles, a hoarding obsession that I'm trying to curb but they make the trunk and blankets smell so good, and pillows, which are not pictured because you would see nothing else with them jammed in there.

Also on top is my advent calendar. I suppose it's a little late for a non-sponsored plug, but how cute is this? The chocolate is nothing to write home about, not that anyone really writes home anyway, but the pictures are awesome. It might be a cute thing to string together, in proper order so as not to confuse, for a kid's room.

We're talking about the trunk, though. It added an interest piece to my room that was previously standard furniture, and mostly Ikea pieces at that. Read: straight lines and blending into the builder white walls. Maybe that was just my floating side tables, though. I'm waiting for the perfect bedside tables to hit me in the face, and welcoming it, at that. So thank you, Veronica - I seal-clapped.

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  1. I love it! I've been obsessed with obtaining a good trunk or two for the past 2 years (STX put a damper on things), so I'm glad to see that trunks are cute in real life and not just in my mind.


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