Thursday, November 1, 2012

Safe, not sorry.

I mentioned in my last post that my coworker recently told me about a fire that burnt down her apartment building her senior year of college. I'll be nice and not tell you how many years ago that was for her, but I was devastated. She was nonchalant.

In fact, I think the conversation when something like this:

Me - "I've had my iPod since I was 18. He's durable."
Meg - "I had that one, but it got lost in the fire."
Me - "The what?"
Meg - "The fire."
Me - "What fire?"
Meg - "Everyone knows about the fire. In college."

I was even more confused. She was talking about it like it was a well-known fact. Everyone knows that milk goes in the fridge, and everyone knows about the fire.

I didn't know about the fire. I've never known anyone that actually had a house fire. A kitchen fire, yes. An electric spark, yes. A fire that destroyed everything they knew in minutes? No. That was just something you prepared for and hoped never happened to you.

But here it was - plain as day. It had happened to Meg. She lost everything right before finals. Everything changed.

I was on an immediate mission for a fireproof box. I'd been meaning for six years to get one. SIX. That's when I first went to college.

I immediately picked Meg's brain on what to add to the box. Here's our list:
  1.  External hard drive for computer
  2. $20 cash
  3. Spare car key
  4. Passport
  5. Social Security Card / Birth Certificate
and then things that just needed to go in there:

     6. CPA license (it took too long)
     7. Ohio State diploma (because I haven't gotten around to doing anything with it)
     8. Blank checks (because those shouldn't have been hanging around anyway)

Now for the safe. Finding a fireproof safe proved to be more difficult than expected. I started at Target, assuming I'd hop in and hop out. No dice.

Thanks to my iPhone addiction and apps addiction though, I popped over to my Amazon app and ordered a fireproof safe with a combination and a key entry.

To be quite specific, it's the First Alert 3035DF Digital Security Box.

So far, so good. I feel much safer, I know some essentials will be available, and I've become the biggest unpaid fireproof safe advocate. Knowing that this guy is stowed away (because I've since hidden him) makes me sleep safer. For $35 on Amazon, it's well worth it. What's your plan?

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  1. man, you should've bought one three years ago when they were half off at rite aid after christmas like i did.


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