Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Clothespin cans.

I was so proud when my youngest sister (i.e. Stephanie) texted me a couple weeks ago with her first Pinterest project.

After a few weeks of coaxing her boyfriend to eat tuna, swiping two tuna cans and one chicken can, getting over the smell of the cans to wash them out, finding clothespins and snapping them around the outside, she crafted these sweet containers. She then kept reminding me for baby spider plants, as I have a monster plant that will. not. stop. growing. It's somehow learned to survive without water. Seriously. It's been weeks and it's still shooting out babies. Machine.

Back to the clothespin votives - it's as simple as that. Well, and she punched some holes in the bottom of the cans with a nail for water drainage.

I love their natural look (much like the dead, natural grass in the background - this picture was in haste before she packed these babies in the car and headed back to college). It's simple, natural texture that can help to break up any space but that also compliments any space.

I can show you what they look like in her room, but I've yet to see that. This is your hint, Steph. Send a picture and I'll update. 

It was really as easy as that. We also thought about dropping in a votive candle, but I was more in the market of selling baby spider plants. For free.

Update: true to form, Steph was creeping on reading my blog and texted me this picture. She chose not to caption it or otherwise write anything in the text, so I'll take that liberty.

She picked up the shelves at Target for about $12 (and you can only see one shelf here, this is not a trick) and used two of the baby spider plants to flank a picture of her cat, Copper. Copper's a Maine Coon, and therefore quite possibly the largest cat/dog/human I've even seen, and thus we affectionately call him Monster. Mum picked up the "My Little Monster" frame for Steph a while back, assumedly at the Dollar Tree or something like that. She gets the most random things there. Veronica sent those sheep to Steph as part of her birthday present in November. It's funny to see the cute little sheep under the picture of Copper in a monster frame, complete with jagged teeth on the top and bottom.

But this addition was about the clothespin votive/planters, so look at how natural they look and how they easily look much more expensive than the price of tuna and a few clothespins. It'd be interesting to see a tall vase of these, or something like that.

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