Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas countdown.

I was a busy little 70-year-old cross-stitcher (that's dangerously close to cross-dresser) for the past few months. Per usual, I decided on a project and gave myself far too little time to complete. So I spent some Friday night home and cross-stitching. And though this excuse makes me sound feeble, it was for a better cause than my I-can't- come-out-because-I-have-to-eat-this-ice-cream-because-it-was-a-buy-one-get-one-sale-and-the-get-one-won't-fit-in-the-freezer. That's happened.

Now we've lost the point of the story: I cross-stitched this family tree and would have lost social points with or without its presence. As I'm especially sensitive, I blurred out all the last names. It doesn't look that bad in real life.

As I was in the throws of my audit busy season during completion, and therefore working all normal business hours, and most normal sleeping hours, I shipped it off to Mum for completion. She stopped in at JoAnn's and was able to snap a hunter green mat for around $15. Her tip is to ask if they have any leftover mats from other projects. This way, they don't have to cut an entirely new piece, and you'll get it for cheaper. We opted to frame it ourselves, for the price factor, and because Mum is a mini-frame warehouse. Luckily, she had one available with no plans, and I was able to snag it for free. I then stopped at Lowe's to get a piece of glass cut for the frame, at a cost of $6, and I was set. 

I would always recommend framing something piecemeal in this fashion. The $20 I spent to frame this surely beats the $65 start price at most places. That, and it's really not difficult to put some DIY into it.

I really thought I had a picture of the finished project, but alas, the picture eludes me and in my sister's wrapping frenzy, the completed masterpiece is already dressed for Christmas. I'll leave you with a strange picture of my sister's strange cat (that sister being Veronica) instead and hope that distracts you from my poor blogging skills. I'll punish myself with a week without ice cream. It's going to be hard.


  1. wait, no joke about that ice cream story????

    1. It doesn't happen often... but you know I can't pass up the rare instance when I find black raspberry chip.

  2. and question. how come one side of grandfather it has backstitch where the tree goes and the other one doesnt?

    1. You mean how it cuts through the grand? No idea. I was just following. Maybe for the tree to make sense above?


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