Thursday, November 15, 2012

Catching up, ketchup.

I missed my biweekly blog post on Tuesday. I was really bummed out about it. However, as my job has been busy enough to keep me working until 2 am for the past week (busy season's almost over), I forgot about it. It was still lurking in the back of my mind and would hit me in the quiet moments. I didn't prepare. The days crept up on me. I should have drafted more posts in October.

Then it happened - the call out -

I didn't think anyone would notice. Yes, it's my sister, but she doesn't have any sort of obligation to stalk my blog. If this was what I did for a living, yes. I would make her read it. I would make her read it and force her to make her friends read it and be so nervous about the number of hits that I would be frantic.

But this blog never was like that. Some posts get more readers for reasons of which I cannot break the code. Some don't get a single hit. I do this because I like to do it. I like to write, I like to craft, I like to force myself to make time for activities I enjoy. For the first time though, someone, no matter how blood related (and we're a pretty strong blood tie considering she's my sister and we had the same rib cage), was acknowledging that they liked to read my blog solely because they liked it. 

Maybe I'm reading too far into this, but now this post is about ketchup. Being that I'm from Pittsburgh, there's really only one kind of ketchup:

The Heinz 57. I grew up smothering my fries in this (until I found I preferred for my fries to be dipped in a frosty), ate it straight out of the bottle, and now will consider it to be my first validation.

I have a fun anecdote, too, before this goes overboard on the metaphors and is just weird. I'm running on three hours of sleep.

When I went to London back in April, we ducked into a pub to grab a bit after walking all day. It was a very strange pub and we were eating in what appeared to have possibly been a normal living room during the day, but as often happens, we planned activities for the entire day and didn't think of the food until we were about to pass out. So we collapsed our tired feet into the strange setting and ate.

And lo and behold, who else loves Heinz ketchup?

Her Majesty. Did you get that? The Queen. She loves it so much she stamped it with her seal of approval. Granted, I would have expected a wax seal to make it a proper approval, but I suppose the following message also suffices: 
By Appointment to 
Her Majesty The Queen 
Purveyors of Heinz Products

I had to zoom up real close and squint for that. Just in case you still don't believe me, here's the zoomed out shot. Also know that I have no photoshop skills and am actively looking for someone to teach me or a way to get it cheaper.

This is a promise that I'll catch up. I'll plan and blog and continue my biweekly posts not only because I love to do it, but because it matters to at least one person. I would be remiss to note that Veronica also emailed me to tell me that she didn't see my Pinterest pin on my blog and noticed that I didn't post during her daily stalking. I just don't know how to cut and put an email in here nicely. Two people. So I'll catch up :)

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