Thursday, November 8, 2012

Birthday balloons.

It was our boss's birthday a few weeks ago. I don't know what exactly got into me, but I was convinced and obsessed with filling his office with balloons.

So this is what roughly 144 black balloons looks like in a roughly 9-foot by 8-foot office. Does that number sound specific? It's what Amazon offers with prime shipping, and I'm nothing if not loyal to the prime shipping.

We finished off the surprise with a crepe paper door pseudo-marathon-race-finish-line style. I would probably run many more races if the finish lines were me busting out, actually.


He barely had room to walk. Mission accomplished.


His guests (meeting people? clients? what's the word for people that you don't directly work with but that affect your job? colleagues?)- moving on. Everyone really enjoyed it, and enjoyed holding balloons during a usually very serious meeting. 

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