Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Alright, meow.

My family narrates for our animals. Full conversations. I've talked with my sister's cats about the weather. All three of them, because Veronica has two that are currently living with my mum while she's living in England (and their name are Dinah and Henry, though they are both girls. We've never quite gotten a handle on the gender-guessing). Steph has one cat that lives at home while she's at school, and that's Copper. He's the only boy. I would be remiss if I didn't name Fluffy, who has been our family cat for 17-years now I think, and she hates me. I'm not sure why, but it's a very real hate and my ankles get bitten a lot.

Still, it's only fitting that they are fully involved in the Christmas present exchange.

Luckily, shopping for them is considerably easier than any human that's ever been on my list. I've usually bought them some toy that my sisters have claimed is on their list. This year, I thought I'd attempt to make them something that wasn't out of t-shirt blanket scraps. They love laying on t-shirt blankets. We haven't figured out why totally, but think it must be something with the smell. 

I ordered a box of catnip tea bags on Amazon and a quarter yard of the densest wool/felt blend that I could find at JoAnn's and set off to make some catnip pouches. I wasn't feeling adventurous enough to try and create an animal shape, though I'm thinking a mouse wouldn't be too hard. It's be three pieces of felt in an oblong shape, stitched together. I'll try that next.

This is the easy part.

I started by cutting a length of fabric from my former curtains, folding it in on itself,  and sewing it down the middle to make a durable string.

Then I cut two pieces of felt slightly larger than the tea bags.

At first, I thought I'd stitch around the outside, leave a hole, flip the felt inside out before stuffing it with the catnip tea bags, attaching the string, and sewing it shut, but the felt proved to be too difficult for that.

So the cat get to enjoy some exposed stitching.

I was on a roll until my sewing machine started revolting and throwing spaghetti back at me. 

So it wasn't actually spaghetti. It was yellow thread. I was baffled at how my machine decided that the tension wasn't right after completing four other catnip pouches, and it was late, and I wasn't fixing it quickly enough, so I gave it.

So as of now, I have four and three-quarters catnip pouches for four cats. I'll continue and try that mouse though, mainly because I have about 10 more catnip tea bags and I don't know what else I would do with those.

Until then, I'll have to try to communicate the situation to my furry nieces and nephews.

Update: they love them. Now Mum has a house full of cats on drugs. They're happier that way.

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