Thursday, October 25, 2012

Shopping bag decor: stretching that dollar.

I've struggled with deciding to write a post about this because I'm afraid this sort of decoration does not accurately portray me. And as this blog is just that: a portrayal of me, I'm very cognizant of what goes up on here. I feels it reads too "material girl" when I don't consider myself to be that way. But then again, they're on my wall.

So here's what I did: I framed shopping bags. I framed the only two shopping bags that I have of any value.

The Tiffany's bag came from my bridesmaid gift from my friend's wedding. She very generously got us all a Tiffany's wine glass, and it was the biggest Tiffany's box and bag I've ever seen. I'm in love with the wine glass alone, and wine, for that matter, but the bag was so pretty and iconic and bright that I couldn't get ride of it. I didn't know what to use it for either.

The Chanel bag came from my purchase of big-girl fancy-pants sunglasses in January. I'd saved up, passed my CPA, and told myself that I'd get myself something I've wanted since high school after that was done: designer sunglasses. I've worn and treasured the sunglasses, but knowing how much I spent on them, and how iconic the bag is, I couldn't get rid of it. It sat in my closet with all of my gift bags. But I couldn't reasonably use it as a gift bag and trick someone into thinking they just got a hella expensive gift. So it sat there.

As my bag collection of can't-use-these-as-a-gift-bag and too-pretty-to-use-to-transport-things but too-fancy-to-throw-away bags grew to two, I figured they should have another purpose beyond catching dust.

Thankfully, I had a JoAnn's coupon as well.

I picked up at 16x20 frame at JoAnn's for the Tiffany's bag and a 5x7 (I think, but I can't remember) frame at Marshall's for the Chanel. I spray-painted both a flat black before popping them up on the wall in my closet.

I like that they define my closet nook as my pretty-girl accessory and fashion area. That, and I just see them on the regular. It's not something you'd catch at a glance, so those that don't know me that well  can't jump to conclusions. But then you have to ask why someone I don't know as well would be in my room. And then I posted this on the internet for lots of people I don't know as well to see. Conundrums. Does that sort of situation happen to you? Do you like something that you feel is out of your character? Are you afraid other people are judging you for it? Maybe it's just that I know my sister will have a comment over it. That, and/or I have a complex. 

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