Thursday, October 4, 2012

Feeling Fall.

I'm going for as much fall alliteration as possible. I'm annoying myself, too, but I just. can't. stop. Luckily for you, this post is stuffed with pictures, so I'll let them talk more than me.

This past weekend, I sneaked snuck out of the throws of busy season in my audit world to visit my boyfriend and friends in Ohio. But first - since when has snuck, as in the past tense of sneak, not been a word?! Apart from getting to spend time with some of my favorites, I was pumped because in Ohio, it's actually fall right now. Crisp, cool fall with colorful trees and a bright sun. It's fabulous.

I'm going to focus on documenting the pretty nature things. Otherwise, you'd have to hear about my first karaoke experience, my first Doctor Who and millipede/centipede/with a human face experience, and my first trip in which I walked to and from Wal-Mart for a poster frame. All involve some degree of shame, so I think it's best that we stick to the nature.

On Sunday, we opted for a 2.2 mile jaunt through the woods. I realized just how much I miss fresh air, random ponds, baby turtles scurrying into random ponds, and dogs romping around.

We saw some cool trees with lots of carvings...

A babbling brook (I like my alliteration with a side of alliteration)...

And finished the day with the hunt for a geocache. After digging around the railroad tracks, pacing the adjoining walking trail with Zach's phone-turned-compass, and dodging every plant that had the potential to be poison ivy, Zach spotted an old railroad tie with a small box within. Treasure! We didn't have any treasure to leave, unless you count the half-eaten caramel apple pop that we didn't want to share, so we signed our names and left victorious.

Now that I think of it, it's kind of anticlimactic to find a box with fast-food tinker toys and a notebook to sign your name. I felt very victorious at the time.

Then, I was off to airport to return to my reality and workload. I did steal away with some treasure in the form of golden fall leaves. They're waiting for me, guarded by THE Martha Stewart, herself. In the form of her craft encyclopedia.

I'll be back later with a project for them. And a story of getting through airport security with them. It was nothing short of embarrassing.

I want to end on a sweet note though. This is figuratively sweet, because if you try to eat one of these bad boys, you're going to get poisoned. By them, not me. My sweet friends back at Ohio State found a real, true buckeye tree behind their office and sent me a cup full to remind me of my Alma Mater. I absolutely love them and have them in a glass jar on my desk. Yankee Candle reuse number I-can't-even-keep-track-anymore. I can't believe how beautiful and shiny they are! She picked them right off the ground. I expected the pristine ones to come from the craft stores, but these are so perfect. 

Oh, Ohio, you're the heart-shaped state for a reason.


  1. i didn't know buckeye trees were so rare! If i had, i would've taken you a bunch of them from Vienna...they were ALL over the place and made the ground very uncomfortable

  2. I'm not sure if they're rare, but they were not as abundant as one would expect in Columbus, Ohio. I think I only saw free buckeyes on occasion. Maybe that's for the better though if I wouldn't have been able to walk with them.

    I have now developed a soft spot for Vienna though :)


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