Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Faking fall.

It's safe to say that I love my apartment, even more than I thought I did after its curtain upgrade.

It was instantly more homey in ways I didn't even know possible. It broke up the stark whiteness and the feeling of you-can't-change-me and your-stay-here-is-temporary. I'm rambling. I was trying to say that I love my apartment, I love how it feels, how it's decorated, and how it feels 'home,' but at the first hint of cooler weather, I'm itching to decorate for fall. Literally crawling out of my skin and trying to restrain myself until the acceptable date in which to break out the pumpkins.

I wasted no time on pumpkin cookies, making them on exactly the first official day of autumn, though the weather protested for summer. And you should know by now that while the cookies were in the oven, I was hanging spiders on the walls.

Cute spiders, mind you. 

Then I continued to make the mantle my creepy little Halloween corner, complete with spiderwebs and creepy candles.

And a necessary close-up of the candles. Spoookyyyy.

The rest of the living room/nook/kitchen, because this apartment is just like one giant room, has more of a fall theme. There's glittery pumpkins around and a tree candelabra from my friend's wedding...

...as well as lanterns from Yankee Candle and a stick pumpkin, leaf coasters, and orange tea lights from the Crate and Barrel Outlet.

It's a little bit of shock to move from the mid-80's into our cooler temperature-themed house, but there's little I've found that I can do to influence the weather. Strangely enough. I'm anxious for it to officially break for my fall-themed candles though. I think I would have more patience if there wasn't one or two "teaser" days every week of the perfect cool 70 degrees. Alas, the leaves haven't changed colors here yet, so I'm forced to make believe the season in my apartment.

Now I'm on the hunt for candy corn. I found green carmel apple lollipops last weekend - does anyone remember those?! I was pumped. I bought four. I'm regretting not buying the entire bin. 

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