Thursday, October 18, 2012

Beautiful Brushes.

I know I've eluded to it before, but I'm not sure if I've ever said it plainly: my job makes me incredibly busy in October and November. The can't-eat, can't-sleep reach for the stars status. Not in a hopeless romantic way. In a hopeless sleep-deprivation, barely functioning zombie way.

So in September, and the off normal hours I get in October, I have to push out my productivity and fight the comfort of the couch. I'm a Christmas-shopping, birthday-shopping, crafting machine, especially for the November birthdays that fall in here.

So I started my roommate's birthday presents. And I can share because she's also too busy to know that the world's still spinning. I pulled inspiration from something I'm sure everyone's seen on Pinterest: the makeup brush holder, for which I unfortunately am unable to find the source link.

To start, I pulled two jars from my empty and cleaned-out Yankee Candle stash and ribbon. I eye-balled the placement and hot glued it down to the jar, making sure to pull the ribbon nice and tight.


Then I hopped on Amazon and over the course of three orders, acquired four hundred clear glass marbles to fill the jars.

I might start referring to everything as a grand reveal. Though this project literally took under twenty minutes, assuming you cut out my ordering - waiting - returning - waiting - finally finding the right marbles process, it sounds so much more majestic and seal-clap worthy under the title grand reveal.

I also scooped up a white tray in the midst of my Amazon trolling and a candle from Marshall's. I have a few other beauty-related bobbles to adorn the  tray in its birthday celebration, but I haven't decided on them all yet. They have to coordinate with her black-and-white color scheme, which will also help for things to look less chaotic once all of her bright make-up is layered in on top.

For now, I'm excited for this classy coordination to organize and turn my make-up obsessive roommate's collection into a decoration all her own. That, and it was a quick and easy project to make me feel accomplished. High fives! 

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