Thursday, October 11, 2012

A thousand words.

I shouldn't have made the title something that I feel I would have to make the post live up to. That was a mistake.

So know now that I was going for the "a picture is worth" variety of a word count. And that I made a photo book. 

This is the very first upload-photos-online-and-make-page-layouts book that I've printed for myself. I've made them as gifts multiple times (I think just for my parents, I'm realizing).

I used Shutterfly to make the book, mainly because they were running a deal through Coke Rewards where if I entered five Coke points, found underneath the bottle caps, within a certain period of time, I got a free 8x8 book. Done.

I didn't add any text in the book, beyond the front page, because I can't write captions without oozing cheese. I'm happy I had lots of spaces for pictures and collages.

Besides, a picture's worth a thousand words. So it's like this book is all writing. How many times can one use the same cliche in the same post?

Each city and excursion got its own page, or set of pages, depending on the length of the trip. PS - you can read and see my trip in more detail over herehere and here

I particularly like the Derby page, which has the aftermath that Kate snapped of Cat and I after we gorged ourselves on some of the best fish and chips.

I love that photo books allow you to capture the funny moments that may not be particularly photogenic. The feast we had would never be something I would print, because my practical side would win out, but it's so necessary in the photo book.

It also allows for great comparisons. The top picture is the public's entrance of Hampton Court, where King Henry VIII lived outside of London. The bottom is the entrance through which royalty would enter. It's the same palace. It's amazing.

Again, some odes to some of the best foods were highlighted. Scotland's scones with cream and jam hold a special place in my heart.

Amsterdam reserved a few pages for flowers, and of course, us in the Dutch shoes.

I'm all nostalgic now. I'm glad I forced myself to go through my hundreds of pictures and make something I can share and enjoy. I probably feel way more accomplished about the completion of this book than I should. Small victories.


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    1. Yup! I tried it, and I couldn't eat as much as the meat eaters, but it was fried and delicious.


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