Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Stove white, stove bright.

My roommate and I rent, which means our stove has seen a lot of food, a lot of people, and probably a lot of abuse over its I-can't-even-imagine how long life. For the most part, it gets the job done though, so we can't really complain. Plus, it's taught me that I will never voluntarily have a white stove.

It's white and it's gas. It shows everything, even vapor from boiling water. I didn't even know it was possible for boiling water to have a little residue.

The pictures I tried to take didn't pick up the true situation well. The burners are surrounded in an oily, spotty, grime that I've tried to muscle out to no avail. I've tried Clorox wipes, scrubbing with those hard plastic sponges, regular sponges, a bit if soft scrub, windex, and anything else I came across that I thought might do the trick.

Not surprisingly, pinterest had the answer, probably all along. I found a site, and have since seemed to lose it -worst reference ever, that demonstrated the power of mixing baking soda and water. I combined them in a 3:1 ratio, so it was roughly a 1/4 cup of baking soda and 4 teaspoons of water to make a paste. You can play around with the combinations (I've seen people do a 1:1 ratio, but I wanted a thick paste for the tough stains). I then spread it around the burners. Sidenote: when just looking for my baking soda and water combo, I came across a pin with baking soda and peroxide that sounds magical. I might need to make sauce or something soon to try this out.

I let the paste sit on the burners for about a half hour. It was a rough balance between thinking that the longer it sat there, the better it would work, and wanting to see if it worked.

Finally, I used a rag and wiped it up. IT WAS MAGIC.

These are the same burners. Speckled above, with more non-picture-justice grease, and full justice white and clean now. There was absolutely no scrubbing. I was floored.

Then my burners wouldn't light the next day. I nearly gassed myself before giving up, letting everything cool, and investigating. I had wiped up all the baking soda, but I didn't mind the cracks and crevices, i.e. the opening where the flame kicks out. The baking soda liked those though, hid out there, and hardened. I picked it out with a toothpick, no biggie, but I could've done without the gas. So learn from me, and don't die. Happy cleaning!

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