Thursday, September 20, 2012

Necklace Board Update.

Months ago, maybe even a year ago, I made this necklace board:

It was so useful, decorative, and one of my first real DIY home projects. I was so, so proud of it.

Over the last few months, the novelty and pride started to wear off and I could see that something wasn't totally right about it. It was too loud.

So I removed the necklaces, took some 120-grit sandpaper, and scuffed it up. I tried it out for a week, but that wasn't what it needed. It needed a makeover, not just an eyebrow wax.

Plus, the scuffs weren't toning anything down.

I removed the knobs and the frame and took it out for a new paint job. I started with the same grey as before. I don't have its specific name handy, but it's a light grey. After three light coats, the zigzags base were covered. Then I sprayed two light coats of white. It didn't cover the grey totally, but got most of the way there. The frame got its own coats of ORB. I let everything dry overnight. The frame's facelift was done then, but not the backing.

Again, I took the sandpaper to rough it up. I was aiming for aged wood, a la a beach house with driftwood. I tried to find a visualization of that idea in my head, but pinterest isn't helping me out here. 

When I had the effect I wanted, I added the knobs back, popped it in the frame, and put him back.

Isn't that much more calming? A little chic? Best of all, the necklaces are allowed to act as the decoration and aren't vying for attention against the background.

Now I'm proud because I can admit when something isn't totally right for a space and needs to evolve. My old motto was always "out with the old," so much so that others fear I'll just get rid of their stuff in my donation binges. Note that I would never do that after my mother did that to me in high school. I spent months looking for these linen capris, tearing apart the laundry room, my sisters' closets, my parents' closets, my friend's houses, only to be told six months later that Mum had donated them. The whole family was in on it, pretending they didn't know what happened, so I couldn't run to Goodwill and buy them back. Granted, they weren't the most flattering, but it's the principle of the matter.

Whew, so that's out. I would say that this public shame is payback, but I know better than to think that this will even phase Mum. She'll just say, "They needed to go."

The necklace board, however, did not need to go. He just needed some TLC.

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  1. yeah...sorry, but those pants did need to go...


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