Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Let there be light!

This update didn't require much on my behalf, but has made a huge difference in my room.

What's that? A lamp?!

After a year of living with only a bedside light in my room, I finally settled on something more substantial. Now my room lights up at the flick of the switch, rather than me fumbling in the darkness to the light. Now I don't have to move my bed, pull out the cord and carry the light to my desk if I want to work there. Now 90% of my room is in light rather than in shadow. I don't know why it took so long, other than my particularness about floor lamps.

The price wasn't easy to swallow either. I had to stare at this guy for a good few weeks, imagine him, debate his flexibility in other locations, weigh the cost-benefit of carrying my side table lamp, and consider the possibility of developing some eye problem from lack of light before biting the bullet.

 And he was mine.

This pretty boy hails from Target. These pictures don't do him justice. My issues include: a window that get the morning light (see above for the blown-out curtains and general blue tint to the room), a lamp that does his lamp job and casts light when he's turned on (which means his shade doesn't photograph well, and it's so pretty that it needed to be seen), and a job that requires me to work during most of the days and weekend commitments that have had me traveling or otherwise away from my lamp in the afternoon. As I have yet to see my lamp at precisely high noon and tea time, and I suspect that's when he would look perfect. It appears I have suddenly begun to think of my lamp as a proper English gentlemen that has tea when I am away at noon.

So this quick update maybe have led me to develop some weird neurosis imaginary friend, but at least it's not cataracts .

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