Thursday, September 13, 2012

Color me RAD.

This is long overdue. Weeks overdue. My sister is no longer in the U.S. overdue. But our last weekend together was RAD.

Color runs have been sweeping the nation, and this was no different. We chose the Color Me RAD race solely because the dates worked for us. We geared up in our white, toted Vero's boyfriend along as our paparazzi, and pushed ourselves through a 5K with little-to-no-training.

Did I mention we had to get up at 6:30 am on a Saturday to drive to the farther-than-originally-planned location? We were still waking up when we got there.

The organizers quickly got things started by tossing color on us, playing rave music at 8 am, and all-around making sure we were awake. And then we were off! And we're proud to say that we ran the entire way. Except for the hills. But honestly, who throws a shoe runs up hills?

And in the end, we were colorful.

It's funny that I got the majority of the blue/green spectrum and Vero hit the yellow/reds. We ran the same path. We hit the colors at the same time. We were doused in color cornstartch, sprayed with yellow and green, and

And for your comparison purposes, here we are at the beginning and end. Total 180. I couldn't get the blue out of my armpit for three days. Vero had problems with her knee pits.

We did our best to preserve our colors, but sadly they've faded a bit, even after the vinegar bath the website suggested. Oh well, guess we'll have to do it again!

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