Thursday, September 6, 2012

Back that thang up.

It's no surprise that's I'm a fan of cross-stitching (as seen here, here, and here). The jury's still out on whether I'm 60 years old. That's an even better pun because I got called for jury duty this week.

When my friend shared with me a page of 'demurely cross-stitched rap lyrics,' I about died. It was hilarious. And it should go without saying that 'demure' in the same line as 'rap lyrics' is an oxymoron. So if rap's not your thing, these probably won't float your boat. But I find most rap to be ridiculous and hilarious, and putting it in a cross-stitch, or back-stitch, rather, which is the writing stitch in a cross-stitch pattern, mixing the classic and the hip-hop, makes me cackle. I need you to get the back-stitch reference so my Juvenile lyric as a title isn't so far-fetched. I'm known for stretching a joke, and my confidence is even worse on the internet. Throw me a bone. 

I knew my sisters would like them just as much. I was so confident because one sister wrote on the link my friend posted and explicitly said which lyric she wanted.

 First up, I took a line from R. Kelly for my youngest sister. Fun fact: she could rap all of this song when it came out. In 2003. And she was 13. It was inappropriate then, and just makes me feel old now that's she's 21 and pushing 22. 

She was rapping about being drunk at 13. And being a "cool mom" wasn't my mum's main priority, so there wasn't alcohol. I use "cool mom" in the sense of Mean Girls. I feel this post is going borderline all over the place, but I love my mum.

My second project took a like from Jay-Z.

Not to keep bringing Mum into this, but Mum didn't get this one. Vero loved it and got a laugh out of it though, so that's what matters. I guess unless you know Jay, reading this line as if you'd read it out of a book, it's weird. That's always been our thing though.

These are some of my favorite crafts - the ones with no real purpose other than to make you laugh at the ridiculous of cross-stitched rap lyrics. Life's too serious, anyway. What else have ya got?


  1. r. kelly creeps into a lot of party playlists here in Sweden. just sayin'.

  2. creeps is the most accurate description of how his music is incorporated that i've ever heard. also, i would be able to impress people with my rap skills then!


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