Thursday, August 9, 2012

Shower steals.

Alex got some great things at her bridal shower. Awesome things. Things I need. Things I need and things that make me want a house right now. Now now now!

And then there was this mirror. 

It's the clover mirror from Target. It was love at first sight. The can't eat, can't sleep, can't be bothered with social conventions so I shouted mid-present opening, "Mel! Where is that from?!" To which the bewildered present giver said, "Uh, Target. It's on her registry."

Noted. Tar-jay was in my sights.

Immediately upon my return to DC, it was on. I beelined for the home department, dodging up and down and poking my head down the aisles. I missed it once. Then I head angels singing and the mirror was mine! 

The back is wonky. It's two little of those triangle hooks real close to each other on the top. So I did the paper trick of taping a piece of paper to the back, poking holes where the nails would rest, then holding the mirror and paper up to the wall, and taping the paper to the wall.

And so there was a paper with two holes on the wall.

In this edition of "The Weird Colors my Wall Looks in my Poorly Light Apartment..."

Easy as pie, I nailed two nails in the holes in the paper, then ripped the paper off the wall.

Bada-bing, bada-boom, a mirror was hung.

Wam-bam, a table was redecorated.

I switched out the football (Steelers!) for the coffee table books from the nook. It's such a simple switch but feels so fresh for some reason to me. I feel the mirror adds some height to this area and helps to include it in the room too. But I didn't take pictures of that because the other half of the room is a bit disastrous at the moment. Hopefully I'll be finished soon, able to share, and remember to take a full-room shot. That's asking a lot.

I need to know though - what awesome (and cheap) things are out there that I need?

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