Thursday, August 2, 2012

Knee-deep in the water...

For nearly the past week, I've been in St. Croix, Virgin Islands, soaking up the sun and surf. My college roommate and dear friend has lived here for almost a year and she found the perfect excuse to get us down here- her wedding!

I'm so happy for these two and wish them all the best in their lives together.

As for the St. Croix adventures, I'll be filling you in after I get back and sort through for the best beach shot. And the best shot of pigs drinking beer. That happened.


  1. this doesnt have to do with this. but you know, in your 30 by 30 list, you dont have to wait even a moment longer to donate your hair if you just follow my advice and go for the pixie cut!!!!!! or shave it.

    1. I haven't found a pixie cut that would look good on me! I think my jaw is too defined and I would look like a guy...


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