Thursday, August 16, 2012

Good morning, Sunshine.

I tend to attempt larger projects when I'm at my mum's house and have the space and larger variety of supplies. That also means that these projects take roughly five times as long. I started this one in February, and finally finished in July. Five months exactly.

I started with about 10 packs of Dry Cedar Shims that I found in the lumber aisle of Home Depot. The five month delay also means that my project specifics are much more vague. 

Using Liquid Nails, I then started gluing the shims together in points. As you can see below the product paper, the points were then glued together. I went all the way around like this to make a sun. And, as I've forgotten to take a picture, imagine a circle of plywood on the back, too. The circle is about 2-feet in diameter, and the points are glued together on the sides and to the plywood on the bottom.

This post does a much better job of documenting the process, with pictures.

Once everything was glued together and down with Liquid Nails, I sprayed the front with some gold spray paint we had on hand. In this case, that was Brilliant Gold by Design Master. No idea where it came from (other than Mum's workbench), but it had color.

And my sun was shining and glowing.

That was the progress as of March. It then took me four months to find a mirror. JoAnn's and Michael's didn't have a mirror large enough for my purposes, and I was striking out on the thrift stores. I finally settled on an 18-inch beveled mirror from Target.

I used a tube of Liquid Nails Mirror to attach the mirror to the front of the sun. I then stacked books, candles, and everything large, heavy and flat on top of the mirror to help the glue/nails set. In this case, a set of the American Harry Potter series in hardback and the English Harry Potter series in paperback worked for the weight, along with a few too many Yankee candles. It's a multi-use obsession.

After letting everything set for 72 hours, it was ready for a hanger on the back. I carefully flipped the mirror over and attached the metal hanger. I have no idea how this mirror weighs, but the hanging system says 60 pounds, and that seemed more than adequate. And this mirror has been on the wall for two weeks at this point, including one week where the air conditioning was broke. I'm more excited by the day.

After a bit of rough calculation, I then put the matching piece on the wall with it's built-in level. Then I struggled to get my wingspan around this over three-foot-wide mirror/sun/monster while my roommate directed be toward the wall.


It's really hard to see the scale of this thing because it's on a giant white wall. It's giant though. As in, it dwarfs the 5-foot-four me.

I propped the camera on the dresser in the closet to get a shot of this from the floor to ceiling. Massive.

I'm enamored, though. In lounging on the bed, I can see the pond.

And the sun is the first thing I see in the morning. It's perfect. If you can't see the sun first thing in the morning, I suggest you bring the sun to you.

So, I feel like I'm six months behind the sunburst-mirror trend, but in making it by myself, it's exactly what I want and roughly $100 cheaper. Lucky for me, I'm always slow to pick up on the trends, too, so I'm not over it. Here's hoping it sticks for a long while, too. 

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