Thursday, August 23, 2012

Exotic, Mysterious, and We are Inviting: St. Croix Adventures, Part 2.

A little rain forest rap, anyone?

This is the second part to my St. Croix adventure. Catch part one over here.

True life: I can rap that entire thing to you. I had to memorize that in sixth grade, and then we were forced to sing it all the way to the zoo for our field trip. That happened. And now it's ingrained.

The presence of a rain forest on St. Croix meant a reprise of that fabulous rap. To my great surprise, my friend Jen could sing along. Danielle kept her talent hidden though and refused to join in, though she knew the words. 

Next time, you will not be allowed to protest the chorus.

In the land-lover portion of our trip to the island, I think everything can fall into the category 'I will never do this again, nor would I even get the chance.' First to see the sun in the US? Check. Feeding pigs beer? Check. Where else is that possible?

I have to go in chronological order - otherwise I'm afraid I'll miss something. The first morning, we got up at 4:45 to drive over to the easternmost point on US soil - Point Udall.

Obviously we were pumped. And/or questioning the value of the drive.

But it was so worth it.

I was the first person in the US to see the sun on July 29. The. first. person. I'm still impressed and in awe of that. It's going to be my fun fact in those weird icebreaker exercises.

The next day, we drove around in the rain forest with the main objective being to find the place where we could feed pigs beer. The rain forest was straight out of the books - vines hanging down over the road, trees I've never seen anywhere else, and the lushest, densest forest with some of the brightest and most exotic flowers.

A flat tree that isn't made out of plaster!

After winding our way around, we finally found it: The Domino Club. Where you can feed pigs beer. It's non-alcoholic, but it's beer. The pigs love it. We paid our $3, shook up a can of O'Doul's, and went to see the pigs. They were ready for us.

All the pigs drank their beer nicely. Well, as nice as pigs drink. We took our turns, sticking a can of shaken beer in each of the four pigs' mouths. Our numbers matched perfectly. The pigs chomped, opened their cans, and drank their beer. Then it was my turn.

Do you see me dripping in beer? And the next-door pig wanting to lick me up? Not what I planned for. But now my second fun fact for the icebreaker is that I fed a pig beer and it showered me in beer. Beat that.

I washed up as much as I could and we hit Fredericksted to try Polly's, which was highly recommended for their grilled cheese. I second that recommendation. I didn't grab any pictures, but trust me. You pick multiple cheeses and veggies, you pick your bread, and they make it to perfection. We wandered around Fredericksted and the waterfront after that. I picked up another ornament for my non-existent Christmas tree, so it was a great success.

Later that evening, we were back in Christiansted for the rehearsal dinner. We didn't get as much wandering in that time, but the pier was pretty awesome. The mix of Dutch architecture, sugar mills, and the beautiful water is so weird to imagine, but awesome in person.

The next day was our final full day on the island and all about celebrating Kay and Ben. It was a perfect day for the gorgeous couple.

Obviously I creeped on them before the wedding.

It's still hard to believe that I spent a week in this beautiful location with some of my favorite people, new friends and old friends.

I'm getting mushy and there's no good way to wrap this up. I loved St. Croix, I loved the people I spent every minute with, and I love my tan. I miss it all.


  1. These pig pictures still make me laugh even after seeing them multiple times. PS: I miss you!

    1. Miss you!! Come back continental :)


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