Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Curtains aplenty.

After my bedroom jumped fifteen-thousand points on the fabulous scale thanks to these curtains, I was consumed with making curtains for the living room.

I think it's been a real game changer.

Per usual, my impatience means that the curtains are up before a proper 'pre-curtain' picture. You can see the area in the background of this picture from this post about these beautiful teardrop vases.


Yawn retracted.

Except if you want to cuddle, because this space just became a thousand times more comfortable and cozy in my opinion.

After ordering yards of fabric from fabric.com and convincing myself that these curtains could change the world, I was ecstatic when I found a long skinny box on my doorstop. Impatience again took over. I moved furniture around the room to give myself a clear 8-foot runway and used a very precise measuring system.

Or not. It was also about this time that I decided a chevron rug would be a fabulous thing. I measured out 8 feet of fabric, then repeated the process so many times. The two large windows are two panels measuring 59-inches wide by roughly 8 feet long.

I hopped right to the sewing machine. After winging it with the top seam, I realized I wasn't going to be able to wing it. I don't know how subtle this is, but the chevron (officially called ZigZag Twill Storm on fabric.com) wasn't straight. After I noticed it, I couldn't stop seeing it.

I whipped out the seam ripper and erased my progress thus far. I resigned myself to the use of the iron. On the top and bottom, I ironed a seam in line with the chevrons. I didn't have to do this on the sides because I was keeping the curtain panels the same width as the bolt. I followed the edging on those sides and just folded as I sewed. I followed this same process for the other chevron panel and for the light grey patterend panels (officially known as Madison Twill Storm on fabric.com) in the nook.

For the sheer panels, I used iron hem tape to make a top and bottom hem. Again, I kept the width the same as when it came off the bolt, so I was able to use the factory seams there. I did this four times, two for each of the big windows. For the two smaller windows in the nook, I swapped out the panels from my bedroom curtains. These were made as half the width of the bolt, but, again in my impatience, the hemming on the bottom and the side I cut is a little wonky because I didn't get the tension on the sewing machine right until the top hem. The wonky bits are hidden behind the fabric panel though.

I intended to replace my bedroom sheers with panels the width of the bolt for a fuller, softer look, but I did some yardage calculations wrong somewhere along the line. Whoopsie. Those will come again later.

I can't stop staring at these curtains now though. I caught myself staring at them the other night while brushing my teeth. Which means that, yes, I was brushing my teeth in the entryway, but more disturbingly that I was literally entranced by curtains. I am concerned for myself.

Can we agree they totally transform the entire room though, while also playing up their own areas? I was worried they'd be too bold for being so close, but in happily surprised to be so in love with them.

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