Thursday, August 30, 2012

Around the World.

After moving my dresser and adding a massive mirror to the wall, I had a few picture frames, complete with pictures I really liked, that were kicked out of their place and left homeless. Maybe spotless is a better term. Placeless? Why does everything have two meanings? Too deep.

I also had two canvas prints (the flat kind, not gallery-wrapped style around a frame), without frames and homes. After everyone got real comfy cozy in my closet for a couple months, I finally decided where I wanted them, and the packaging from an Amazon purchase (thank goodness for Amazon Prime) helped to put the plan in action.

I started by tracing each of my frames on the brown packing paper. I then took the frames outside for a couple coats of ORB so they would be nice and uniform.

While I was between coats, I cut the frame shapes out of the packing paper and used regular tape to play with an arrangement on the wall. The two frames that previously bordered my bathroom door were also thrown into the mix. That was a lucky accident. The lucky part was that I had two additional frames (with pictures in them) to fill out the mini gallery wall, while the accident part was that I had no intention of ordering additional frames when I ordered my flat canvas prints. The two flat canvas pictures were ordered to go into the frames I had on hand originally, but due to an ordering snafu (read: laziness), I was sure I had the size correct in my head and ordered away. When the prints came in, I realized that I had two 8x8 frames and two 12x12 prints. Whoopsiepie. Again, thank goodness for Amazon Prime and two-day shipping for all of my impulsive needs.

Is it just me or do these papers sort of look lik mummies?

Once I had what I liked, I realized that I hadn't made a mark for where the hangers were on the frames. Dagger. Note to do that before painting the frames next time. It meant I had to wait a little longer for the frames to fully dry. Which was like torture.

So maybe this is the musical interlude where I explain why a post about frames is titled 'Around the World.' I hope you have a little song playing in your head. And I'll give you a clue - you haven't seen what's filling the frames.

And that must've given it away. It's the world. Specifically, the world according to me. I have a picture from some of my favorite places and travels.

  • Starting on the left, there's Castle Stalker outside of Glasgow, Scotland. 
  • The smaller frame immediately to the right, with the deep blue sky, is the Pantheon in Rome, Italy. That's one of my favorite memories - after watching the Steelers home opener all night with Steeler fans in a bar in Rome, we wandered the landmarks and saw the Pantheon and the Trevi at sunrise. It was such a stark difference from their normal daily bustle. It was quiet, the colors were so vibrant, and it was so peaceful. It was surreal. 
  • Below Rome is the tire swing from my grandparent's house outside of Flint, Michigan. That's my favorite pond in the background (which hangs above my bed, as seen here).
  • At the top right of the Michigan frame is a picture of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, taken from Mt. Washington. It's my favorite view of the city, and my favorite place.
  • Below Pittsburgh is the Bean in Chicago. I've been to Chicago once. It was horrible weather, but I fell in love. I fell hard. I need to get back.
  • The big frame on the farthest right is London. I took it on my first trip to the city, and it's been my favorite city ever since. I can't wait to get back and discover more of its variety.
  • At the top left of London is a picture of the sunset from my parent's porch outside of Pittsburgh. It's my home, and it's love.
I don't have any pictures from my trip to France, and I need to remedy that. The problem is that that trip was pre-modern day digital cameras, so all of those pictures are printed, but the negatives are MIA. 

And, as you can see, the format changed a bit. That's the should've-marked-where-the-hangers-are step.  I kind of like the arrangement though. Another happy accident. And now I have to restrain myself every time I see frames. I'm not allowing myself to buy frames without pictures.

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