Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Pinterest Challenge: Summer Edition and Dates Cross-stitch.

It's that time again! Dreamed up by Katie Bower of Bower Power, the challenge is to stop pinning and oogling Pinterest and to start doing.  Kate and Sherry of Young House Love have teamed up multiple times to issue this challenge to bloggers, and personally, it's always come at the right time. It's the kick in the pants to get the creativity flowing again.


And then just as quickly as I was pumped up, I was deflated. What to do, what to do? It has to be good. I want it to be original. I want to want it, too. Then the light - it's Mum's birthday month. Something for Mum.

And my sister, actually, found this - 

Found via Pinterest, but originally from here.

It's Mum's 50th this year and we want the celebration and gifts to reflect that. However, we bombed when we tried a surprise party for her 40th. And though we took Dad skydiving for his 50th last year, an adventure-seeking activity was not in the cards. And we were stumped.

We decided on a celebration month. A month of presents, spaced out by connections to different days. For example, on July 1, we kicked it off with '#1 Mom' and gave her flowers. On the third, we noted that she'd lived in three states and gave her a dinner certificate. So the presents didn't actually always line up with the reason we picked the day. But it's a present. 

I'm getting off topic. This dates print is sentimental, simple, and sweet. I, however, am in no way talented at print-making or computer-manipulating.

Enter cross-stitch. I'm a cross-stitch fiend right now. I'm like Oprah. You get a cross-stitch! You get a cross-stitch! And you get a cross-stitch! But really, Veronica, you should only be expecting cross-stitches for a bit. Get pumped.

So Steph and I took to the graph paper. We tried out some number formats before I decided that it wasn't going to look right until we did it. And I took to the fabric. I started with a roughly 10x12 piece of tan 14-count Aida cross-stitch fabric. I folded it hotdog-style, then hamburger-style, wondered if the first-grade terminology of folding was still as accurate as I could get, then marked my center with a pencil. From there, I counted down five spaces and started from the middle of my birthday (so the second number of the day) and worked my way out.

This should clear it up:

I upped the contrast so it looks a bit wonky, but it was the easiest way to see the folds. You can see half of the date starting a few spaces down from when I found the center with my folding technique.

I finished my birthdate and used it as a centering point for all the rest. Eventually, after some re-dos because numbers just didn't look right, I had all the dates in a line. Then, using a cross-stitch lettering guide for a pattern we had on hand (and that you'll see later in the month), we eye-balled the saying and stitched it in. Of course there was some ripping-up and redoing. Lastly, I added in lines between the dates. We were going to stitch our names in originally, but thought it would look too busy. And if Mum doesn't know what these dates are, then we have much bigger problems on our hands. So finallyyyy, I had this:

Hoop imprint and all. I free-handed that heart based on a little drawing I often put on cards, and I love that it worked out. It would have been uber frustrating at 2 AM when Steph was up with me and we were trying to finish this. We used black for the dates and grey for the writing and the lines. I like the simplicity of it.

I sent it off to Steph for ironing and framing, because she's in the same state as Mum. And voila!

It's a cell phone picture, so go easy. Mum hasn't gotten it yet, but she doesn't know how to check my blog so I should be safe. We're really excited though - our sole life mission is to have Mum react to a present with more than a "Ohh, nice!" We want tears. Happy tears. This just might be the trick.

Thank you, Sherry and Katie, for getting me moving on another Pinterest find! Make sure you hop over Sherry's, Katie's, Kate's, and Michelle's blogs to see their wonderful projects!  


  1. So cute! I'm a huge cross stitch fan, and also a HUGE fan of those date pictures as well... it had never crossed my mind to combine them!

    So creative.. I just might have to copy you. My ability to duplicate cross stitch eye is guaranteed to be much better than my ability to duplicate graphic arts. Previous attempts to redo this type of numbers art had failed. You've inspired me!

    1. Thank you, Wendy! You're so sweet. Let me know what you create - I'd love to see!

  2. This is so super lovely! Makes me want to try my hand at some cross stitch!

    Bernadette from www.b3hd.blogspot.com

    1. I have full faith in you!

      Also, I have the sketches of the final number patterns and wording on graph paper. Let me know if you'd like them and I can scan in.


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