Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Pins in Place.

This is a girly post. Dads might understand, too. I know my dad will.

I have bobby pins everywhere. In my wallet, with my vitamins (they're in a pack-like thing), in my jewelry dishes, on my desk at work, on my bedside table, in my medicine cabinet, and tons in my little box that's actually supposed to hold them. I can even count on a few to be on the floor. If I'm walking and I need one, there's usually one in sight. 

And if you're not a girl, it's probably annoying. I know to my dad it was. Frankly, it annoys me a bit too. 

I finally took a strip of magnet, peeled off the sticky back, and stuck it to the inside of my mirror.

This is a real game-changer. I know I have a box of bobby pins under my sink, but knowing that I also had a million in a variety of locations across the apartment, I would spend my morning bobby pin hunting. Unsurprisingly, I am always running late.

Now I don't have to dig in and under all my cosmetics in the mirror, I'm not rummaging in dishes, and I'm not poking around my desk and thinking I really should dust. I expect to have at least five more minutes each morning now. Maybe my hair will venture out from its staple high-messy bun. 

Nah, DC would have to be under 100 degrees for that to happen.


  1. also. i think i'm a robot. it took me 6 tries of 6 different options to get that word verification right.

    1. Bahahahaha. Does this mean you have a hidden talent to do the robot? Or that I'll have to bring an oil can and oil your joints on the color run?


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