Tuesday, July 3, 2012

In their place.

Coldplay reference anyone?

I shared my thrifting spoils a couple weeks ago, but didn't have everyone in their place. Rather, everyone was in a pile much less neat than the one pictured, calling out to me daily and waiting patiently. Now, I have these guys in their place. In theeiiirrr place.

First up, the big swoop-like vase. I'm sure it has a proper name for its shape, but you know. I used it for my bunches of beautiful flowers last week, but as those have started dropping their petals, it was time for it to go back to its first use: holding more of those IKEA balls, fabric artichokes, and hiding wires.

Nothing was under this end table before. It was begging for an object. And I think this combo does the trick. It helps to tie together some of the colors of fireplace sitting area to the browns in our window nook (and you'll see that at the bottom of the post).

Right above the vase/end table combo, as the wall turned into the kitchen, are the state plates.

I love that it's Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Ohio. It's all of my places. And the coincidentally, it's part of Cat's places. So it's like both of us! Mind. Blown.

See the fireplace mantle in the background? Getting the context. Again, I need a video. Maybe I'll clean up and do that soon. But you need a close up on the plates, yes? They say the state name, obviously, and then have little pictures of iconic areas to the state. However, I don't know who was tasked with picking what I would think to be the quintessential pieces because they're kind of random.

Take Pennsylvania.

Clover leaf on Pennsylvania turnpike? Really? We're picking that when the Little League World Championships are here? Or the three rivers? I guess it notes the Pittsburgh skyline. I just wonder.

Anyway. The wicker basket, or snake charming basket as Cat calls it, holds blankets. I have a lot of blankets and afghans, and reach for one no matter the season.

The color's a little too matchy-matchy with the coffee table (a Walmart find from a while that I'm not in love with). I'm not sure if I'll paint the coffee table, just because it's not very sturdy and was bought more in haste when I had hoped to make it a tv stand. My parents had a darker and sturdier version from Aldi, which they used as a tv stand for a spell. It was such a steal. I can literally stand on theirs. I would crack through this one if I sat on it.

I have to stop myself from these rants and move on to the next item. The blue decanter!

This is my favorite piece and plays off the blue in my room so well.

Am I right? AM I RIGHT?

Lastly, the cute little 10-cent bowl. Well, technically I have those gold trees. But I stashed those for the holiday season. So the dish!

It's on the back of the toilet, catching my jewelry before I hop in the shower or before I wash my face. Well, jewelry and a lipstick, it appears. The delicate little design around the edge makes me smile. After my dish of Polish pottery (did you guys every see that? It's absolutely gorgeous. Note to self to share.), I may be developing a penchant for small dishes.

So that's the roundup! I'm really into thrifting now. I'm cheering people into it and I'm the number one supporter of stalking Craigslist for steamer trunks. Please read that entire sentence. I'm only into stalking if it's for steamer trunks. But now that I think of it, that sort of makes it sound more creepy and dangerous. I'm going to stop.

I'm just all about deals. Of the homegoods variety, namely. And if you have a secret steamer trunk warehouse, do share. 

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