Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I (now) love lamp.

Nope, I haven't improved my lighting situation. In any room in my house. This is the story of a free lamp make-over to make working with what I've got a little more bearable.

This is the lamp that's been sitting inside the front door -

It's a black base in a weird wire bubbly shape (a dusting nightmare, I tell ya - or I guess because I never really dust). The shade had this two-tone wave that never did it for me, but I never changed it. But the price was right: F-R-E-E. My cousin dropped it off at a time when I was in the negative lamp count. Really, I had just broken a lamp that morning. I was seriously in the negatives.

But that shade wave -

Yeah. I was over it. So after changing up my curtains, I had a few yards of tan linen-like fabric to work with. And the lamp's name was called.

First, I took off the shade. In true bull-in-a-china-shop fashion, I snapped off a piece of the tread because I expected the shade to pull off and not twist off. Whoopsies. I sanded the base down with some 120-grit sandpaper, cleaned him off with a wipe and microfiber cloth to get all the dust off, and gave him a few coats of ORB. That was the easy part.

Then I pondered the shade. It appeared to just be hot-glued together, so I decided to deconstruct. I peeled the wire frame from the paper-like shade and then peeled the shade flat. I was left with a call for Batman -

I waited around a bit, but he didn't show, so I assumed it was safe to proceed. I cut the tan fabric into a rectangle surrounding the shade and didn't bother trimming to shape. That came later. Then I sprayed the outside of the shade (the nice black waves) with spray adhesive. I smoothed down the tan fabric on top. Then I did the trimming around the shape, leaving a bit to wrap around the shade.

I haven't used by hot glue gun in forever. I didn't realize how much I've missed it. 

We bonded while I wrapped the fabric around the shade and the glue bonded it down. Wrapping the fabric was just like wrapping a present or upholstering - I pulled tight and tried to get the corners as flat as possible.

After the shade was wrapped in the new fabric, I drew a line of hot glue along one of the bottom sides of the shade. I laid the larger wire square down then repeated that process along all four sides.

It became clear that I wasn't pulling tight enough the entire way around. So I did what I had to do - I faked it. 

I took a piece of fabric, dotting the wire with glue, and wrapped it around.

And it's not so bad. I repeated the process with the wire that fit in the top part of the shade and didn't have to do any faking it there. Thankfully that worked out. I would have had a mini panic attack if not. 

Just like that, I was done and had a lamp that was more my style. The linen-like shade style at least. I guess the ORB is better than the black base, too, even if it is a bit too wirey and loopy for my taste.

Here's a shot of the bad side, which is visible from the couch.

Really not bad for a bad side, I'd say. It's like Jennifer Aniston's bad side. Where is it?

Anyway, color me impressed. I didn't even know I had these skills - isn't that the best? Jumping in before you can double guess yourself and it not being a total failure. I suggest you try it and share your awesome results!

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